Outdoor Portrait Photography-Using Natural Light and Reflectors Ep. #4

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18 Responses to Outdoor Portrait Photography-Using Natural Light and Reflectors Ep. #4

  1. ZiSOT says:

    Shawn,again the same question!…What color grading have you done in this video and with which video editing software???

  2. KreativeVueTV says:

    My apologies for responding soooooo late to you! This depends on the distance, type of shoot and the amount of final photos needed. Thanks for watching!

  3. KreativeVueTV says:

    Thank you very much sir!

  4. KreativeVueTV says:

    thank you very much, I appreciate you taking the time to watch my video!

  5. RebornMusickTV says:

    That was Nice

  6. albert perey says:

    nice one

  7. TBean90675 says:

    Great vid! How much do you charge for a portrait session?

  8. Ollin Morales says:

    Thanks Shawn! Awesome vid as always, bro!

  9. chris ireland says:

    Thanks for the video it all helps..

  10. KreativeVueTV says:

    My apologies and thank you for pointing that out. I’ve corrected the problem, the link will now point you to the right website. Thank you!!!

  11. Halo4salee says:

    The T-Shirt link just leads you to where you can design your own T-Shirt… how do we get to your T shirt?

  12. nelsono415 says:

    Seriously, thank you for making this video. Extremely helpful and entertaining as well!

  13. KreativeVueTV says:

    Didn’t have enough reflector/diffuser panels to provide additional shading; had to improvise with the location we chose and the light diffusers available to me.

  14. Kyle Anderson says:

    Did you not watch the video? He clearly says it’s to block the harsh light coming directly from the sun.

  15. AF0093 says:

    Why the use of the umbrella?

  16. KreativeVueTV says:

    I would never discourage you from receiving formal education; however, you can save yourself a TON of money by learning on your own. Between learning online and paid workshops, you will learn just as much – if not more – than a traditional classroom. Get to know your camera and then focus on the kreative aspect of fotography. You can only mind the technical so much: from that point its kreativity and art. Additionally, make sure you spend an ample amount of time learning post production.

  17. Kevin Cabral says:

    Good tips… thanks! 🙂

  18. oolibrice says:

    I just left my job. I’ve taken many headshots of my friends that are actors. Their agents and photo reproduction has asked for my information to refer there clients to me. IDK, about that, because I don’t know my T3i to well. I’ve been messing around with photography since 10 years old where should I start to make sure I know what I’m doing. Been watching your videos to aid me as well. Should I go to school or learn independently as I’ve been doing..

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