Making Your Own Room With a View

Watch as National Geographic magazine staffers demonstrate how to create your own room-size camera obscura. Thanks to: Marc Silver, Amanda Fiegl, David Brind…

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25 Responses to Making Your Own Room With a View

  1. Leah Ayer says:

    I really want to do this some day!!

  2. pinholeday says:

    room #pinhole camera 😉

  3. Justin Jordan says:

    Just did this today so much fun!!

  4. Walker Young says:

    Making Your Own Room With a View

  5. Manuel Alzurutt says:

    room #pinhole camera 😉

  6. Dudleyteaches says:

    I was wondering at first why one would cover up such a beautiful view. Then
    I understood

  7. RoyalCaoCao says:


  8. zuru385 says:

    i dont get it 😐

  9. princeofexcess says:

    @blackbirdflight doesnt work on the moon or underwater :/

  10. bjcrew24 says:

    How does the image get turned upside down??

  11. ErickaMelon says:

    We are using one of the huge science classrooms at my school to do this.
    It’s so cool @_@

  12. Blue Rose Thorn says:

    I have to try this!!! Unfortunately my room is a dark blue, so I will try
    this on a small scale instead.

  13. blackbirdflight says:

    @princeofexcess Why wouldn’t duct tape work underwater?

  14. owlredshift says:

    The fuck?

  15. Eddie Stuckey says:

    Are you sure, because I haven’t seen any evidence for it. I don’t really
    want to waste a precious afternoon ruining my window…

  16. Nelson Mandela says:


  17. Peeter Loomus says:

    how the hell? =O

  18. MarioDragon says:

    @mourajini That’s 8th grade physical science not physics >.>

  19. Kenneth Lee says:

    what ! iso4000 and 30s, thats same as a dark room for human eyes

  20. cooROPyoBODY says:

    i would like to see other views of the room

  21. Talal Al-Anasi says:

    Thanks to Ibn al-Haytham

  22. lostisyourconstent says:

    the title should be making your own room with the upside down view

  23. jokingmilad says:

    @WookieeCookies What do u mean by NO WONDER” ? is it possible ?

  24. TheDragonsword123 says:

    @ixivietqtixi this is pinhole phtotgraphy, ecxcept super sized ;D

  25. REPLAY4FUN says:

    now i know how to watch porn without a camera or a pc……… ^_^

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