Child Photography: 5 Tips for Photographing Young Kids

5 FunTips for professional photographers to use when photographing young kids. The real conversation takes place back at http://www.go4prop…
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5 Responses to Child Photography: 5 Tips for Photographing Young Kids

  1. crazypicturelady says:

    I have a bean bag frog that I put onto my head. I tell the frog not to move. The kids are looking at the frog and not moving. I then snap my head back, making the frog fall onto my back. The kids really smile “knowing” where the frog is when I “don’t”. Good eye line from the kids, natural smile, and didn’t move.

  2. SantasSpecialOffers says:

    Great suggestions. I gave it a “thumb up”.

  3. Stephanie Stremler says:

    These are all great ideas – I like the paper punch idea too, I usually use stickers in the studio or any natural thing outside but paper would be cheap!

  4. Leah Remillét says:

    Thanks Addie! That paper punch one is a favorite of mine too… If I don’t have punches, I will use a leaf, a twig, a rock, a little brother (just kidding on the last one). 🙂

  5. AddieK80 says:

    Great tips, all around. 😀 Love the paper punch idea, especially. Thanks so much!!

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