Off-Camera Flash Photography with Nikon’s CLS System This video is an introduction to using Nikon’s built-in CLS (creative lighting …
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24 Responses to Off-Camera Flash Photography with Nikon’s CLS System

  1. anjav6 says:

    Thank you Adam,that was very useful!

  2. udaranalan says:

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  3. bewithabob says:

    Nicely explained use of the CLS system with two flashes. For your test exposure, you had a much slower shutter speed, which would allow for more ambient light for the background, right? When you chose to go to 1/ 200th for the flash, that reduced the amount of ambient light in the background. would have been nice to have an explanation behind that choice, as well as why you don’t use a light meter.

  4. usynn stradler says:

    picture came out too dark on your shirt

  5. Kunal Patel says:

    You cant do CLS with the 5100.

  6. Ryan Lao says:

    nice video. how did you meter this?

  7. bigc208 says:

    Good tutorial, you break it down nicely. I just got 2 sb700’s and an sb910. Been playing with and it your video showed me a few options I had not thought about.

  8. Lucas Estêvão says:

    Look at the left hand position and body angle at 2:27 and then in the result shot at 2:30. haha!

  9. Angel R Medina says:

    I love this kind of photography ..l learned something today! thanks

  10. waitingroom05 says:

    the still shots look nothing like the poses, nice

  11. lennart fritze says:

    awesome light, I love your practical tutorials and I really hope you keep doing so.
    best regards from Germany

  12. aaronarman89 says:

    hi was this on autofocus or manual? If it was manual, how did you correctly focus as you’re doing a self portrait? Cheers

  13. abhorsen8 says:

    can i do this with my nikon D5100?

  14. Jen Barger says:

    Great stuff! I love how “down on my level” this video is! I’m a community college drop out trying to build a business – lulz – and this is the sort of video that makes my day. informative, demonstrative, and to the point. I dig.

  15. davester219 says:

    did you have to meter for the flashes at all?

  16. Pedro Karsan says:

    dw you literally answered my question after 1 second

  17. Pedro Karsan says:

    Can I do this with a D7000?

  18. JuicemanBill says:

    Hi Clive Owen!!

  19. Joseph Taibi Jr. says:

    In practice, i think you’d find the control preflash (That sends the signals to your strobes before the actual exposure is taken) from the camera’s CLS would cause the LumoPro to optically trigger too soon. That’s what happened when I tried this method using the new Canon camera lighting controls on my T3i mixed between two Canon flashes and my inexpensive studio strobes in optical slave mode. Just my very late, two cents. 😉

  20. a3180044 says:

    nicely done well explained, but lets not forget our battlegrounds it’s very important,on your sample pics it logs like you have o pics of wood growing out of your head, but other than that nice tutorial..thanks

  21. mailerandhalbert says:

    What is the maximum number of flashes that you can have in a group?

  22. darwin andres says:

    hi can ask before you set the camera settings for manual the speed light what is the settings? ittl or manual? and did u set also the ev for speed light? hoping for you reply thanks….

  23. JimEphin says:

    nice man!

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