How to Photograph Garden Birds

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  1. email16v says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m going to try some of your tips this weekend in my backyard this weekend. Thanks for not making it too technical either. You pretty much said use a wide-open lens with a little flash and experiment with the composition. Thanks again!

  2. Tyler Magee says:

    my favorite type of day for bird photography would have to be overcast with a D7000 70 -200 at F4 iso 800 and around 1/1000th of a second :] a bit fast of a shutter but I hate missing a shot

  3. Ben Stacey says:

    clever setup!

  4. keen2b says:

    Good vid but for me the one thing missing for the perfect shot the Sunshine!!!!

  5. simonebourg1 says:

    cette voix est superflue

  6. Ianmadian wurzel says:

    Cheers . Great ideas and thanks for sharing
    . I’ll get my spade out, as I’ve tried to photograph a Robin that’s always around but it’s soO fast lol
    Thanks again ;0)

  7. Boris Cybagooseuk says:

    Very informative footage, many thanks !

  8. AkoolStick says:

    You look like a sniper photographer! great video!

  9. SinappiaSuupielessa says:

    i like too!

  10. Kornél Szabó says:

    Very good video, thanks!

  11. glennskitchen says:

    Very good video – thanks

  12. crosspecans says:

    great help. thanks

  13. Benjamin MacMillan says:

    im not a great photographer, ive only been at it for a year and a half, and even so, i havent got alot of opprotunities to take photos

  14. Benjamin MacMillan says:

    which camera was that, a d3x?

  15. Benjamin MacMillan says:

    thx for the advice! cool vid

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