Cameras / Photography ?

Question by Annuh: Cameras / Photography ?
I’ve had a Canon Powershot SD600 For a couple years now and it takes pretty good pictures;

But I want to get into photography as a career so I was thinking about getting a better camera.
So do you have any suggestions?
And if you could tell me how much the kind you suggest generally is that would be great =)

Also it would be great if you could let me know the price range for tripods 🙂

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Answer by David M
Well if you want to get into photography professionally I suggest that you first take some photography classes. Being a professional photographer involves much more than buying a good camera.

That said pros use 35mm SLR’s, Digital SLR’s, Medium format cameras and large format cameras.

These camera cost thousands of dollars. Below is a list of a few cameras and their costs.

DSLR cameras
Canon 1DS MKIII $ 8,000.00
Nikon D3 $ 5,000.00

Medium Format
Hasselblad H3 $ 34,000.00

These prices are for the body only. You will also have to spend thousands more on lenses, flashes and other equipment.

If you are just getting started I would look at an entry level DSLR from Canon and Nikon.
Check out the following cameras.

Canon Rebel XT, XTi or XSi
Nikon D40, D40x or D60
These will cost between $ 500 and $ 1,000 with a lens.

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. Steve P says:

    These are probably the toughest type of questions to answer. I know you are sincere in your questions, but this is such a HUGE topic, it is just nearly impossible to give definitive answers… because there is NO definitive answer. Oh you will get plenty of people saying get this and get that. So what? That is just their opinions / prejudices. It really has nothing to do with you or your situation.

    I will tell you this, if you seriously do approach photography as a career, you are never going to be able to use just one camera, because no one camera can cover all needs. So don’t worry about getting the “perfect” camera now. Just get something decent that will give you the ability to learn and grow with. The Nikon D40 or Canon Rebel SLR digital cameras with kit lenses are quite reasonable in price, (under $ 500 for the Nikon).

    At the other extreme, you can get the 39 megapixel Hasselblad H3D for $ 30,000, and there are cameras at every price point in between. So again, don’t think you have to spend huge bucks now. Get a good, basic DSLR to start with and you will be fine. It will also be a major improvement over what you have been using.

    Now, the single biggest thing you can do for yourself is training. Begin by thoroughly reading your new camera owners manual until you UNDERSTAND it. Sit down with the manual and camera in hand and go through the manual page by page. Don’t just do like so many others and put the camera in AUTO, then come on here wondering why they have crap photos. The camera is only a tool. It is no better than the person using it.

    If you REALLY want to learn, here is a terrific course. I know this photographer personally, and this would be the best you could do for yourself, …. far, far better than just dumping money on such and such a camera.

    As for tripods… again, you can get one at Wal Mart for 20 bucks I guess, or you can get a carbon fiber for several hundred dollars, and then still spend another $ 300 on a head for it. Go to any REAL camera store and look them over. A tripod under about $ 80 would likely be all you would need to get started. I have 6, everything from lightweight aluminum, to HEAVY aluminum, to carbon fiber, to wood. They all serve a certain purpose.

    Professional photography is NOT an inexpensive proposition. Don’t overwhelm yourself at the beginning. The best investment you can make now is in YOURSELF with training.

    Good luck to you.


  2. eva r says:

    Tripods range from 24.00 up to over 2-3 hundred as does a camera have a very wide range of prices 400.00–5000.00
    But in my honest opinon is that should all come later ~~becoming a professional takes a lot more time and learning than you have put into it so far ~~ the things I saw were cute and clear snaps shots but not at the level you should be ,before investing too much more money~~ I would want to know what type of camera you have now and how well you know that camera~~There are many places to learn how & what to do to improve & &
    These are only 3 of many where you can learn free but seeing
    the work others are doing and getting advice on what you need to do to improve~~~Goodluck&have fun!!”MEMO”

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