Crazy Self Portrait Ideas?

Question by Yayzu Y: Crazy Self Portrait Ideas?
Any ideas for self portrait photography that are wild and crazy?
Like, for example, I once threw a bunch of manga and newspapers and took a photo of myself lying on top of them. Another is one of me upside down (on my head) doing a funny face.

Anyone have any crazy creative self portrait ideas?

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Answer by Samantha Alderson
Just use your creativity. I once did a picture where I placed the bullet of a gun inside my mouth. I also had a picture when I was making faces similar with a face who can’t stop myself from urinating. There are lots of crazy ideas. You can mimic the hardest step for a dancer and see how it look like when you perform it. Throw a lot of dried leaves on your head and jump – make somebody else take the picture. Take a picture of yourself where you can’t close your mouth anymore because you have marshmallow in it. Something like that. You can read my article about portrait photography and maybe you’ll get some ideas.

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