How to Make your iPhone Camera Better

Subscribe: This video will show you how to make your iPhone camera better. Essentially, these iPhone camera tips and tricks will help you…

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25 Responses to How to Make your iPhone Camera Better

  1. Glenn Carlson says:

    Thanks bud. I want to shoot videos for my website. Will Filmic Pro be good
    enough? It looks easy and that’s a good thing. I assume this is available
    at the PP store… ?

  2. AJ Thomas says:

    I love this I have a iphone 5c

  3. underdogamesman - The Player of games says:

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  4. Taylor K says:

    Thats to much for me

  5. mikeal lustig says:

    Free app filming verdion

  6. Aristil Markendy says:

    What’s the first app name 

  7. videocommenter67 says:

    Can you get the NSA back door deleted?

  8. hassan hamid says:

    thanks LOL

  9. Adrian GronkhLPSarazarLP says:

    hahaha nobody says that a new iphone will come out? so shut the fuck up -.-
    talking bullshit all the time just accept that also apple says that the
    iphone 5 camera and the whole phone is a lot better and cooler i also feel
    the different from my old iphone 4s (crap) to the new iphone 5 ( fast as
    hell )

  10. AlnaimiHD says:

    Press the button To start the Journey 🙂

  11. Matt Lervold says:

    step 2, destroy it because apple sucks

  12. 24holland says:

    step three. throw iphone 5 away and wait till iphone 5s is out

  13. sami3219 says:

    step 3 get a galaxy s3

  14. Bev Menzer says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and it doesn’t have that stuff on the bottom of the
    screen when I put my camera on.

  15. Lord Justin says:

    Why too poor to buy? :3

  16. CREEPERCRAFT41 says:


  17. Somebodycool0 says:

    What is your Instagram name

  18. trinil hidayati says:

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    simple way for you to get much more money fast.

  19. Bryan Aguirre says:

    atzuzuFuckedyou You fucken fagot you think every one can buy an iphone 5 so
    burn in hell atzuzuFuckedyou baster

  20. Omar Solis says:

    step three remember not to spell step wrong

  21. WhiteSnoCone says:

    @lord Justin umm rude much your such a jerk idiot go kill yourself

  22. pimpkiller3 says:

    It’s Impossible to scratch Iphone 5 camera lens because its made of diamond

  23. IPrankItUp says:

    Thanks a ton duddde! This works for iPod right?

  24. Allbbrz says:

    How to make your iPhone camera better.. forget this shit and BUY A NIKON !!

  25. Armane Cadiz says:

    Is there any FREE VERSION!

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