Businesses that scan old photographs?

Question by CharChar: Businesses that scan old photographs?
Is there a business where I can go to have an old photograph (from the 1940’s) scanned? I own a scanner but mine is not very good, and doesn’t scan well.

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Answer by edward w
well to get the kind of photo you want from an old photograph like that,i would contact some professional studios,that has equipment that can enlarge photographs and such a place like Wal-mart can scan old photographs but i don’t know if it will give you the quality you would like to have.Contact some professionals,they should put you in touch with someone that can scan old photos,i would not try Wal-mart.i don’t think the quality would be good.i have included some links for you also.

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  1. Ralfcoder says:

    Try a Kinko’s or some other copy type shop. They should have some great scanners.

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