Camera settings and Corrections Practice – Revelations

What do you think of the exposure settings and color correction? We’ve seen enough of the demo already, however – I’ll be receiving the full game in the next…

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11 Responses to Camera settings and Corrections Practice – Revelations

  1. elheber says:

    Allow me to ask you something, zeda: Have you ever tried stretching out the
    bottom corners of the bottom screen? In other words, making the bottom
    screen into a trapezoidal shape. Not only would it give us the illusion
    seeing the bottom screen at an angle, but it would allow you to stretch the
    horizontal scale (both top and bottom corners) without making the image
    look unnaturally stretched.

  2. elheber says:

    @zedamex Well, you’d be able to fit a 400×240 screen on top, and the bottom
    screen can be 320 wide on top, 640 wide on the bottom, and 160 high. It’d
    look pretty natural. The screens stacked on top of each other would be

  3. Photobrick Studios says:

    Do you have to use Colorista II to make it look accurate enough? I just
    have After Effects by itself and currently don’t have money to buy
    Colorista from Red Giant….

  4. zedamex says:

    @poisonedsodapop just wanted to switch it up a little since the demo has
    been overkilled by now.

  5. gundamzerostrike says:

    The top looks closer to the real thing.

  6. zedamex says:

    @PhotobrickStudios I like using colorista as it has a nicer intuitive
    interface, however I would try using color finesse which is included with
    After Effects. Otherwise try toying with the 3 way color corrector as well.
    I suggest watching: tv (dot) adobe (dot) com

  7. zedamex says:

    @elheber lol I get what you mean, for some reason that makes me want to put
    the text “a long long time ago…” on the bottom screen. I like the current
    straight on sizing myself. I’m giving double the resolution of original
    screen, so putting a 400×240 screen into 800×480 window, and have bottom
    screen squashed in underneath, haven’t thought of giving it that look

  8. Isaac_Light says:

    the upper seems better

  9. poisonedsodapop says:

    For curiosity’s sake, why did you change the laser pointer color? Does it
    capture on film better or did you just want to switch it up?

  10. Macki says:

    ha, because one of the tags is “revelations” there are a load of religious
    videos on the side bar:)

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