Studio Flash Lighting Portrait photography Large Softbox tutorial

Using the 120cm octagonal softbox Gavin Hoey shows how by just using this one softbox and a 400Ws studio flash head, a 300Ws would do the same, f…

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  1. says:

    We made 1 million views on one of our videos.

  2. Zolipsist says:

    Me: “wow what ponderous questions are these children thinking of?” “here
    look at my hand” 

  3. Johnny CincoCero says:

    What light meter are you using?

  4. computerjantje says:

    thankyou for the video

  5. John van der Linden says:

    Great video THANKS!

  6. S.L. GAJE says:

    What the dimension or Size of your Studio and the Background? thanks

  7. mike barrie says:

    Great advise and stunning quality photos, thanks

  8. barinderpal singh says:

    Would that soft boxes be okay if i use for black and white photography .

  9. Nicole Upfold says:

    Thank you so much – your video was exactly what I was looking for – Getting
    ready to venture from natural light to studio lighting – I will be getting
    two alien bees 800w. I planned on getting 2 large softboxes….although I
    have heard one large umbrella and one softbox would also be great. What
    would you recommend?

  10. Wes Nicholson says:

    Hey mate. Im just getting started with the use of strobes and portrait
    shooting in the studio I set up. I have a black background, stands, two
    400w strobes, 2 reflectors, etc etc. Shooting with 5D Mk III. I’m looking
    up lighting setups, but also poses for the model. I see you cut off the top
    of the girls head a lot. What was your reasoning behind that? Any
    info/advice that helps me is appreciated! Thanks :-)

  11. Heinz Guderian says:

    *Photography – Studio Lightning*

  12. says:

    Sorry but I don’t understand this question

  13. stefan mcdonald says:

    unhappy kid

  14. Joes Exp says:

    warnanya mati broo,..

  15. says:

    In this case if the meter had been pointed at the camera it would have
    given the wrong exposure. Gavin wanted the correct exposure on the side of
    the face and if the reading was taken towards the camera it would not have
    given him that.

  16. huzeifa hakimi says:

    lovely even illumation…..

  17. Twostones00 says:

    The photos are so beautiful and the light is perfect.

  18. says:

    I don’t know what he used but the ISO is not really important but obviously
    the lower the ISO the less noise there is.

  19. Kris Kasprzak says:

    dang dude… nice shots! Well done.

  20. NijinoHaru says:

    Hi thank you for the video. Just one thing I want to comment on: when
    you’re metering for your exposure, I think you should point the light meter
    toward the camera ( of the direction where you’ll shoot from) that’s
    because the sphere calculates how the light falls (on a 3D object; like the
    sphere). I’d only point my light meter toward my lights to measure them
    separately (with the dome down) :). Thank you.

  21. Panzy4life says:

    That girl looked absolutely dead and clueless

  22. 24M1235 says:

    They both seem to dislike him.

  23. Denix says:

    it seems like Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM to me

  24. kaunas888 says:

    The light is very soft and beautiful as if it were coming thru a window.

  25. says:

    Gavin uses a Canon MKII and 24 – 105 lens and it is a wireless trigger
    attached to the hot shoe.

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