Advanced Landscape Photography Tips

Learn how to use a graduated Neutral Density Filter, and wireless flash to take your landscapes to the next level. Filmed on location at Boulder Field in Hic…

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23 Responses to Advanced Landscape Photography Tips

  1. ukmitch86 says:

    You go to all that trouble with positioning filters, using the tripod and
    then set a 6s exposure without using a cable release…

  2. PhotoMentor NYC says:

    Sure this is the Canon 40D with Canon 17-40mm lens, a 580 EXII flash,
    pocket wizards, a Gitzo 1325 tripod and KIrk BH3 ballhead.

  3. TheGreatestOne says:

    Where can I get a Cokin filter? Everywhere I look it seems as if they don’t
    have it. -.-‘

  4. Farid Laid says:

    @ThdeGreatestOne i there ..check on ebay 🙂

  5. hidekin says:

    very nice tips . I will try next time with my tokina 12-24 with lee filter
    and with a remote flash sb600 . Thank you, Sometimes do you use 2 filters ?
    like one on the foreground and an other one for the background ?

  6. Abe Zilla says:

    very nice. i need to go to this place myself.

  7. dreamm25 says:

    good vid! really like it

  8. Kunal Bhardwaj says:

    Can I use HDR technique for the same photo ? instead of costly filters ? if
    no, why ?

  9. leolol says:

    @ThdeGreatestOne cokin isnt the best, get the hitech filters with the cokin
    P holder. Needs 85 hitechs.

  10. bboychance says:

    i would actually take 3 bracketed shots of this and compose a lovely
    detailed HDR image, but that’s just me.

  11. Mik902 says:

    Thank you! Could you please list what equipment you’re using here including
    the tripod make and model. Thanks again!

  12. jerseyman9080 says:

    It look so much like Ringing rocks park in PA.

  13. mewa hang says:

    euipments are really important.

  14. Glendale1901 says:

    dude, you talk like Keanu Reeves!!

  15. Faron Kee says:

    Thanks for posting. You can also do all this after. No need for filter if
    you know how 😉

  16. Daniel Perez says:

    I bet if you go back to that site after a light rain you will get a much
    better shot. Also, you might want to use a diffuser as the flash seems a
    little too strong and too unnatural. In this case, rather than use the
    flash, you might consider a double exposure, cause your flash isn’t going
    to do much for the rocks in the distance.

  17. Alex Hetti says:

    you look like a younger version of Hugh Jackman

  18. Theokondak says:

    Note: for those that wanna do the job without the Density filters, there is
    a method called Manual Blending.Check it out!

  19. artemorbid says:

    exceelent info- i learned a lot

  20. fallyhag says:

    Thanks for posting. Enjoyed watching. Maybe give us a with and without
    comparison at the end next time? Always good to see the benefits of using
    such a filter. But I learnt something here so much appreciated 🙂

  21. PhotoMentor NYC says:

    Very true, sometimes I get caught up in the moment chasing the light and
    don’t connect the release, or opt for the 2 second timer in a pinch.
    Something I need to be more consistent with, thanks.

  22. PhotoMentor NYC says:

    Thanks, it’s a terrific spot and one I’ve visited in a variety of seasons.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  23. Eamonn Doyle says:

    so is spelling

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