Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

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25 Responses to Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

  1. Praveen Bhagat says:

    thnx man

  2. David Torsiello says:

    Remember guys, all of your problems can be solved simply by turning your
    flash on. World hunger? No biggie. War on terror? Easy peasy! Providing
    fill light for a portrait photo? Sure it can do that I guess, but a waste
    of potential.

  3. svtcontour says:

    Great channel (now subscribed). Very beautiful model too :)

  4. CharlesBecket says:

    Tony, I love your videos but I have to respectfully disagree with you on
    this one. The photo of Chelsea in the sun, just outside of the pergola
    offered contrast and looked good. The others were dead flat 1:1 and looked
    rather lifeless. Keep up the good work. I will continue to tune in. Thanks.

  5. George Givens, Jr. says:

    nicely done Chelsea is gorgeous. but info is pretty elementary.

  6. Jippyajee says:

    Cool :)

  7. FidaPr says:

    No matter how you shoot, with a model like her its always right.
    She is fucking beautiful !

  8. TunesByTanzil says:

    Bought the eBook, subscribed, followed on Facebook :D

  9. Japhary Mohammed says:


  10. Learn to Click says:

    Excellent information thank you. I like the way you have taken the photo
    then shown us the result – makes it so much easier to understand! Thanks.

  11. Nate Collins says:

    Tried to learn about lighting but was mesmorized by that beautiful

  12. Candido Aviles says:

    great tutorial, I’m in the wallingford area and would like to know can look
    for models to do some photography practice.

  13. Dattatreya Mekala says:

    ur explanation is damn gd 

  14. Darvin Sanchez says:

    i have a nikon d7000 and want to start using flash with my portraits what
    good pro flash would u recommend for that ? and would also use in a concert
    please get back to me asap thank you. 

  15. lokingloking says:

    gorgeous face…

  16. Sharon Anderlik says:

    Thank you for all of the great information! Let’s see if I can get my own
    actor’s headshot.

  17. Lou Uba says:

    This Chelsea girl is soo beautyful 

  18. Christine Miller-Ramey says:

    What did you use in the settings? I’m having family in my photos that will
    be outside, and I have a Nikon d3100. So I’m wondering what settings I
    should use. Thanks. This was helpful, just wished there was more on the
    settings. :)

  19. Tim Rose says:

    This is good, but it would be better if you could explain your settings –
    especially in regards to your flash – so I can try to replicate your

  20. Gio Gin says:

    Damn ….where did you find this beautiful angel ??

    i want that book

  21. Crystal Shi says:

    Tony, when I shoot in the sun using 2.8, the picture will wash out, not to
    mention adding a flash! Why is it so?
    Also have you touched up pictures in Lightroom? The skin looks perfect

  22. Style7910 says:

    what flash are you using in this video :-D

  23. dztrbdgod says:

    Thanks very much, I already purchased the SDP book and the lens guide. Keep
    up the good work mate. Cheers

  24. Tony Northrup says:

    I’m using the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II. However, it’s not what I’d
    recommend to most people. Check my Photography Buying Guide (available
    using the links in the description) for detailed recommendations for
    different cameras and budgets.

  25. dztrbdgod says:

    Hi, Good vid, I was wondering what lens you were using. Thanks

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