Photographing your Art: 3D

Robert Muller, photographer for the Cleveland Institute of Art, shows you how to photograph your artwork for your portfolio.
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3 Responses to Photographing your Art: 3D

  1. Rufous Woof says:

    Especially helpful re setting up lighting options from natural light
    (single source) to multiple light sources…experiments with lighting from
    above, from side(s), reflective fill light…to determine best choice for
    object being photographed.THANKS! p.s.Could use more info (other videos?)
    on type of bulbs and camera settings.

  2. David Kasman says:

    Thanks for the clever idea of using the clamp to make a tripod for the
    foam-core. So simple, so easy and so useful! I would like to make the
    sculpture that I am photographing look large, so I want to shoot at a
    slight upward angle. The problem that I have is that I then cut off the
    sculpture with with the edge of the table. Any suggestions?

  3. monsterlabeffects says:

    I make Myers Halloween masks and their very hard to get accurate pics of.
    Maybe due to the white face and lack of contrast? This video really seems
    like it would apply to what i,m trying to achieve. Is this seamless
    background a big part of the puzzle? I really just want to show my work as
    it really is and outside over accents the flaws in the sculpt. What bulbs
    would u recommend in the overhead?

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