Wildlife photography – Deer of the New Forest, U.K

Wildlife photography - Deer of the New Forest, U.K

A collection of pictures all taken in the New Forest of Sika, Roe, Red and Fallow Deer. For more pictures of wildlife within the New Forest check out my webs…
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12 Responses to Wildlife photography – Deer of the New Forest, U.K

  1. GrecoSwede says:

    Okay, check my species recognition here. I have, in order: Fallow, Red, Sika, Roe, Sika, Red, Roe, Roe, Fallow, Fallow, Red, Sika, Fallow, Red, Roe, Fallow, Roe, Fallow, Red, Roe, Sika, Fallow, Sika, Roe. Nice pics. Cheers.

  2. andrewinpompey says:

    Very good work! Clearly the result of a lot of effort. Very natural photos with the deer looking relaxed.

  3. Nicky HippyPixy says:

    Hi everyone,

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    I have made a few music videos in HD of snow, mountains, dolphins, wildlife etc that I filmed in Scotland.

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  4. claude4268 says:

    On ne peut qu’être ébloui par cette beauté majestueuse et tellement émouvante !

  5. tej Everett says:

    Wonderful. Wildlife filming and photography is one of my biggest passions.

  6. ผอ.เสถียร ลาโพธิ์ says:

    very nice…I like it. your photo very clear and sharp. what your  camara.

  7. Pete Clarke says:

    You got some lovely shots there!

  8. gangstaz001 says:

    the 1 at 0:23 looks kinda scary….kinda blends in with the music..

  9. 0c0bor0 says:

    great photo’s

  10. Corin91 says:

    lovely work – thank you!

  11. cookiecamp says:

    great photos man

  12. shoodybonger says:

    Great pictures Keith…appreciate the amount of hard work and stealth required to capture such vivid images. Well done.

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