How to do Interior Photography by Lok

Because Kai is on leave (again), Lok has decided to make a little video about how to do interior photography with a Nikon 24mm PC lens and D700 in the new DR…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to How to do Interior Photography by Lok

  1. Chee Hing Poh says:

    For some reason, I think Kai is the cameraman.

  2. Fiona Yamamoto says:

    marry me lok

  3. Kirk Sunglieng says:

    Lok, I’ve just watched this one, I like your presentation.

  4. Jokubas Noreika says:

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  5. chevyonthemoon says:

    Why is this flagged as spam?

  6. klutzycutie says:

    i <3 Lok

  7. vee tour says:

    2:05 Lok looks really weird. Large head small body.

  8. G Sandhu says:

    “that chair just blends into that shitty PC”
    Oh Lok 😀

  9. fuumin2510 says:

    i love loks videos but sometimes i cant catch what hes saying , shame

  10. Ihab Mokayed says:

    So let me guess, Alamby is the Richard Hammond no?! Hahaaa

  11. Andrei Zarafu says:


  12. Richard Dreves says:

    Lok, the James May of digital rev.

  13. MrPutrifyingEagor says:

    I actually think Lok should do more videos,I thoroughly enjoy all of his tutorials.

  14. TazeuX says:

    1:58 slimLOK

  15. Jonathan Tetrault says:

    Put on the subtitles lol

  16. carlo santos says:

    thanks for this information 😉

  17. Pratham Mehta says:

    Lok’s trying to imitate kai’s style at certain places : 1:21 , 2:43

  18. happyeggs911 says:

    Lok > Kai

  19. KHindustani says:

    A person, who can maintain low profile or respect the allocated profile in the videos, is the best person, and it is Lok. This video is focused totally on him, but you can see how he mentions Kai. Good wishes for Lok.))

  20. Andrés Becerra says:


  21. Andrés Becerra says:

    Lok is nice, but a bir boring.

  22. Umeer Rama says:

    or Lok it.

  23. Jyoti Rajput says:

    Lok is so awesome! hehe

  24. Philip Franco says:

    Lok at it ^-^

  25. Paul Cochrane says:

    Lok should be given more videos to present !

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