Wildlife photography career?

Question by Toby: Wildlife photography career?
im a junior in high school in a small town in Virgina i want to become a wildlife photographer and travel the world i would like to work for national geographic or any magazine and go on missions and expeditions in search of the rarest animals but don’t know where to start. i would like to know what kind of college to attend and what kind of salary i could make and what to start doing after college thanks for any answers.

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Answer by Lee
I wanted to do this, but i got told in Britain it’s a terrible career to do just now. Damn it

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  1. Davenport Emily says:

    your senior year you should really join newspaper, photo journalism, yearbook and take a photography class so that way you can start portfolio. and in college you should do the same thing. pretty much every college offers a photography major so just chose the one thats right for you and one that you can afford. there isnt a big demand for photographers so the salary would be low depending on how good of photographer you. most colleges offer an internship program so try to find someone you can intern for!


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