How Does a Camera Work?

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  1. Bernice Low says:


  2. Yonathan Havshush says:

    I hate it

  3. davonte hanley says:

    thanks for the video man helped me get a B on my science project 

  4. Andycool12345 says:

    This is awesome. I’ve been wondering how a camera works for a long time.
    Thank you!

  5. Jorge Filipe Veiga says:

    Again very good one! You just forget how to design the pentaprism! Anyway
    another good one!

  6. mukundi kadu says:

    Wow that was just incredible please keep making such videos

  7. Ruhul Alam says:

    Great explanation

  8. Cherif Ahmad says:

    great work man, thank you for the video, what is the name of the
    application you are using in that video plz ?

  9. Mel Smethurst says:

    A more technical explanation on how cameras work.

  10. AussiePillow1 says:

    Appature science!

  11. Yonathan Havshush says:


  12. Zachary Shin says:

    so true

  13. Allversity says:

    Capturing color is pretty complicated, but the simple explanation is that
    each ‘megapixel’ is actually several and detect the different wavelengths
    of color that fall on their small part of the picture. When mixed together
    they show a “single” color. If you would like I could make a more technical
    video about this?

  14. Chuck Norris says:

    Awesome ; sub

  15. Allversity says:

    You are welcome! Pass us on to your friends!

  16. Kazex says:

    Great job explaining. Thank you!

  17. Riley says:

    you just saved my test grade for tomorrow, thank you!

  18. Allversity says:

    Thanks! Feel free to add us on Facebook (Just search for Allversity) so
    that you can be one of the first to check out our brand new website in just
    a few weeks!

  19. randomvideomaker321 says:

    that was really interesting! thanks for sharing

  20. Stoil Stoilov says:

    Great explanations! How about an explanation of how the newer mirrorless
    cameras work?

  21. adım soyadım says:

    nice work mate, ty very much it is very a satisfied video, greetings from

  22. Ichi1Yoruichi says:

    I have no words to express how grateful I am to you for making this video.
    EVERYTHING. Every single thing is clear. Seriously THANKS a lot.

  23. liam baker says:

    how do you fit that in a little iphone and great vid

  24. Mike Jarvis says:

    cool video, i don’t understand why it’s exactly like khan, kind of
    disturbing. otherwise cool

  25. Yohance says:

    This is a magnificent explanation for anyone trying to understand cameras!

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