Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

i am not responsible for the sadness you see in these. nor is the music. images.Natural History Museum.London music.Bean An Fhir Rua.An Gaoth Aneas.The Chief…
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8 Responses to Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

  1. Drwhosier says:

    this beautiful world in all its purity and vunability shows many strenths
    and characters to see the sadness of the grey wolf as he walks alone
    through the snow he has no home among the rest of his kind is seen as a dot
    by the great golden eagle but how we see ourselves above the rest when we
    are all so small to hurt this world would be a sin a sin we already have
    done Eleanor age 12

  2. sean says:

    absolutely breathtaking

  3. Hermithegermie says:

    Wonderfull!! Great Music an Breathtaking photos!!

  4. andrewckk says:

    you don’t have to wait till you get older. check the other videos i
    uploaded “young wildlife photographer of the year 2007” and 2008. wait to
    see your work in the 2010 contest.

  5. John Paul Monks says:

    What a very responsible, nice and well put comment to put for a girl aged
    12 to realise the beauty that is contained here an also to use the images
    as a metaphor for natures somewhat ruthlessness but also the beauty and
    innocence that the world. Im from Ireland and especially love the music. An
    a mhaith agus go raibh maith agat. Is mise Sean Pol, i Mbaile Atha Cliath

  6. failmeister51 says:

    wow that was BEAUTIFUL im twelve and a poet and i cant even imagine someone
    your age writing something that beautiful and touching

  7. failmeister51 says:

    very very beautiful im hoping that photography can be part of my life when
    i get older but i only want to do nature and wildlife as a career and a hoby

  8. andrewckk says:

    its always hopeful with this world with insights from people like you.
    longing to see all you heal mother earth.

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