How to Use a Digital Camera : Depth Of Field in Photography

Learn how to use depth of field techniques when taking digital pictures in this free photography video. Expert: Chris C. Conklin Bio: Ever since Chris Conkli…
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25 Responses to How to Use a Digital Camera : Depth Of Field in Photography

  1. totalyruben says:

    lets make a group on here to ban expert village from the internet

  2. josh885 says:

    Man expert village really needs more checks inplace to make sure the person
    making the video is actually an expert. No matter what the subject half the
    time expert village videos seem like they’re done by people who have no
    idea what they’re talking about.

  3. blvsm says:

    learnt this guy is kind of a perv…..thats about it

  4. MrChristellclear says:

    I could pull a more informative guide to using a digital camera out of my
    arse !

  5. TheParallex says:

    how do i do this with video?

  6. Sean Tracy says:

    the cropped image looked worse than the original…had way better
    composition before….and oh when you label a video “how to use” you might
    want to ACTUALLY say something to that effect…just my 2 cents.

  7. NomadFlavor says:

    Your explanation is a good one. I like variation(s) of the shots taken and
    you explained it well. Thank you…

  8. insanedb says:

    crap village

  9. yeeyeeyeeyee1 says:

    I want 1:39 sec back of my life!

  10. yobuttin says:

    fuckin retarded

  11. FerrariJT says:

    Do you think all of those women knew that their picture was being taken???

  12. s2art81 says:

    yeh me too 🙁

  13. Stefan L. says:

    wtf!!! this makes absolutely no sense…..if he talked about what to have
    in photos why didnt he talk about the rule of thrds ….ohh wait, expert
    village, i get it

  14. zacRYrawr says:

    you kinda explained what depth of field is but you didnt show how to do it

  15. 4SCARECROWS says:

    Wow The info in the first part was obvious common sense for a someone who
    never even picked up a camera would know. You did not even show examples of
    the last part. This video was not helpful at all. Expert village is sucking
    so bad. >:(

  16. My Photo Tutor says:

    I must be honest and say I expected an explanation of how to change the
    depth of field, not only a dictionary definition of what it is.

  17. sabredash says:

    there’s other variables there that can help you with that, like the
    distance of your subject, and the focal lenght, etc.

  18. Duddys Jam says:

    douche bag village

  19. blod5 says:

    good tips, cheers

  20. LittleBitAZ says:

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out my camera and am pretty confused! I set my
    Aperture to F2.8 and I aim & shoot & the picture looks no diff. from a shot
    set @ F8. How do I get the neat fuzzy look? How do I get only my subject to
    be clear? Even when I try to just focus on the subject I want, EVERYTHING
    else is still the same… confused!

  21. VIDEOMAN1302 says:

    Cannoty turn off interactive transcript!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ateykwa says:

    Did that dude just tell us to leave room for… c-c-cropping? *GASP!*

  23. polarbear60 says:

    He starts with composition??? Wow, is there a way to block expert village
    videos from EVER coming up?

  24. atyl1972 says:

    this guy pisses me off i can barely look at him, these reviews are shite,
    we learn fuck all from them

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