Why Join a Photography Club

Photography clubs have as their goal to improve the pictures taken by each of their members.

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10 Responses to Why Join a Photography Club

  1. JF Purcell says:

    Sam, your presentation is like sitting down with an old friend. I’ve been a member of the Freeport, LI, NY Camera Club since 1978. It is one of my favorite activities. Thanks for gently stirring up interest in camera clubs in general.

  2. Sam Scherf says:

    Your comment is well received. I ‘wonder’ if my 18 years as a non-profit organization executive makes me think of “promotion”!?!

  3. NSTrainFan says:

    Wonderful video!

  4. Michelle Drackett says:

    Hi Sam, Wonderful video! As one that has done numerous “slide shows”, I know it takes about 40 hours for every 1 minutes of show, LOL! A lot of thought went into this and I think you hit every important point. From the Western Reserve Photographic Society in Cleveland, Ohio, THANK YOU!

  5. Sam Scherf says:

    Hope it works as expected!

  6. Sam Scherf says:

    Jim, thanks for recognizing the hard work. I won’t even tell you all the mistakes that I made nor the hours it took for such a short video. But your positive comment and the good work I expect “it” to do, makes it worth it.

  7. Sam Scherf says:

    So Bud, that means when you ‘finally’ get back to Jojoba Hills, you be a regular at the PhotoBugs? 😉

  8. Reginald B. Jones says:

    Good job Sam. You’re getting better with every video.

  9. Jim Atkins says:

    Thanks Sam for the great video…. The link will be posted on the Lincoln Camera club of Lincoln, NE home page….. Thanks again for your hard work ……

  10. PWCPhoto says:

    A great video! Sam, thanks for your hard work. Posted it on the front page  of the South Bay Camera club. Thanks again.

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