Get It Right In-Camera – Shoot more and edit less! Part 1 — Portrait Photography with Ambient Light

Learn more: Join host Joe Brady in this new series of educational sessions about controlling, measuring and evaluating light. The prima…
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24 Responses to Get It Right In-Camera – Shoot more and edit less! Part 1 — Portrait Photography with Ambient Light

  1. escapadeproductions says:

    the videographer should have been taking the pictures LMFAO

  2. escapadeproductions says:

    you make a pretty girl so ugly in your camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. escapadeproductions says:

    you’re fucking stupid lol

  4. popapopas says:

    That girl is so beautiful!

  5. Carmen King says:

    wow wtf her face is so orange in the pictures

  6. tcao42 says:

    hear hear!

  7. tcao42 says:

    you don’t need to put the light meter that close the subject. Light is light!

  8. tommytorreson2 says:

    The model looks great! Does she have a modeling website? Love to see her work. All the best.

  9. Tools Timber says:

    I really enjoyed this video, most informative thank you for sharing your knowledge 

  10. Jad Ben says:

    You should fire whoever does your post-processing. Your model is amazingly good looking, and you’re just DESTROYING her with bad skills … geeez

  11. Anthony Bonisolli says:

    What a D-BAG

  12. StevenCleverpig says:

    The hell is he talking about when he says he got some questions while the video was playing? Is the video a compilation of several, or is he just making shit up to talk more?

  13. Maria Collamar says:

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  14. gothicgman says:

    wow what did he do to you to make your comment so nasty ?????

  15. Kim Lee says:

    Thanks for the information. It is very helpful. And Bethany looks better on video. She is beautiful.

  16. petermoel2 says:

    Looks like you collect light meters?

  17. petermoel2 says:

    All that fiddling with the light meter, all that talking, and then the color of Bethany’s face is like a tomatoe…

  18. petermoel2 says:

    23:06 – face is totally RED.

  19. petermoel2 says:

    If you want to understand the rule of thirds, read the relevant chapter in Bruce Barnbaum’s book The Art of Photography. Some french guys took some paintings they liked and turned them around – and tada – they came up with the rule of thirds. It’s based on a flawed method.

  20. petermoel2 says:

    Maybe you put it rather harshly, but I noticed Bethany look BETTER in the video, compared to the camera images. One aspect is the images are taken at a very short distance, regardless what lens is used, that WILL give you distortion, eg a large nose and forehead. After all this talking and fiddling with the light meter getting that wrong? That’s a bit disappointing…

  21. petermoel2 says:

    I my opinion this is too much talking, too many topics, all over the place. There is nothing wrong what you say, but for an experienced photographer too many basic things to wade through, for the beginner to many different topics make it confusing.

  22. petermoel2 says:

    Why are multiples of the base ISO give you best results? You seriously want to say that ISO 640 gives you better results than ISO 500, because 640 is a multiple of 160? Does not sound right.

  23. 青面獸 青面獸 says:

    dude I love you ……is that wrong …thx so much for the info

  24. Tom Veary says:

    Very informative – thanks for posting. I know how much work putting a video together is.

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