what is the best nikon compatible lens for wildlife photography?

Question by Jim: what is the best nikon compatible lens for wildlife photography?
Hi I am an amateur photographer and I am looking for the best zoom lens for wildlife photography within my budget which is £400-700. I have looked at the new os sigma 150-500mm and think it is the best choice however i want to compare it to other before I make the decision to purchase. Thank you for your help!

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Answer by AS
Every time I am working and need my camera repaired by a local technician, when I go in and ask him his or her opinion of lenses, I always get a thumbs up for Tamron and Tokina, and a thumbs down for Sigma. Understand that you get what you pay for. Sigma lenses may make some decent images, but there are downsides. The quality is not that great, the lens may front-focus or back-focus, the lens is built poorly, there is a lot of sample variation (so although a lens may have a decent design, Sigma doesn’t have the factory capability to produce it correctly every time on an assembly line. If you buy a Nikon lens, you can buy it and not worry. If you buy Sigma, you have to go to the store and try a few to make sure that you are getting a good sample), etc.

Your best choice is to get something like an older 300mm f/4. This lens quality will destroy anything that Sigma make.

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