Wedding Photography Tips: Gear Bag with Moshe Zusman

Moshe Zusman’s Gear: Moshe Zusman Photography: In this episode, wedding photographer Moshe Zusman wal…
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18 Responses to Wedding Photography Tips: Gear Bag with Moshe Zusman

  1. Commander Tuvok says:

    should be like… over 15000 dollars/euros on that table :P

  2. DSLR says:

    Dear Santa…..

  3. trevorpinnocky says:

    If you are just entering wedding photography or are even a mid-market
    wedding photographer this is probably not what your bag should look like.
    It’s pretty to look at, but the best tip would be work on your posing,
    composition, people management, money management, time management, and
    business skills. And buy the best gear you can afford. Everything on that
    table has an affordable yet high performing alternative. Cheers.

  4. Paulo Melo says:

    Forget about the equipment…I lost myself watching the light from your

  5. DirectX3 says:

    Nothing special but sales talk. This one is bored. 

  6. SanWarren Nix says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. Brian Anderson says:

    Now THAT… a pricey little bag 😉 However, it is a very nice bag all
    the same :)

  8. alphaphotoandvideo says:

    nice gear

  9. Borun kcb says:

    if u have $ rent a truck & load full of …….

  10. Alejandro Gonzalez says:

    U$S 21875

  11. Filip Mašek says:

    I don’t get the monitor view…whats the point? Otherwise great stuff

  12. Luckner Jean-Baptiste says:

    Does anyone know what that camera bag is?

  13. Shaker Hamdi says:

    This is a Canon Ad.

  14. Brett Ryan says:

    I really like the idea of the speedlight clamp. Very useful.

  15. ChiefBlack says:

    This is a simple approach to such a complex topic, thanks so much for the

  16. Larrythebassman says:

    Handy Data pack

  17. aluethial says:

    Somehow i can’t take seriously a guy who is supposedly a professional yet
    chooses to use a 70-200 for a wedding.

  18. TONYLOUIS100 says:

    1st.. Awesome video. The Canons are really good. I like their low light
    capability and the system

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