Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

Professional portraiture has key two parts: making people look and feel their very best. Making someone look their starts with a solid foundation in the basi…
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25 Responses to Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

  1. Chris Noe says:

    How are you able to get tack sharp photos with no tripod?

  2. StyleMavenLA says:

    i have a rim light that attaches to the camera but i can’t figure out how
    to get in on

  3. David George says:

    You just got a free lighting class which you wouldn’t be watching if you
    didn’t need. Why take the time to bitch and moan about the video?

  4. AmieB2005 says:

    The video is hard to study due to the low quality. 

  5. Leroy Jones says:

    This got a like for me 2:30 in!!!!

  6. Chris Noe says:

    How in the world are you able to not get those soft boxes out of your
    image? I have a 50mm f1.8/18-55/75-300mm ….so wow. I enjoyed the video

  7. David George says:

    Hello………… Hope!

  8. tien pham says:


  9. hugh slavitt says:

    I felt that the presentation offered a lot of good info to the viewing

  10. Edmond Brooks says:

    Great info I also use a Nikon at times, I have a few questions for you.
    1. What remote trigger is being used on your hotshot?
    2. What type of connection is being used on your camera to your PC?
    3. What model light meter are you using again?

    Thank you FYI and your time sharing…

  11. click&treatpets says:

    Video quality=F
    You are out of focus (slightly) and the quality of the video is poor at
    best. That said the information is spot on.You’d be better off hiring a new
    camera person or just doing it yourself (camera + tripod). 

  12. Emmanuel Osei says:

    why is your speedlight?

  13. Petr Chutný says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Just used the knowledge when shooting my
    friend :)

  14. Neil Greene says:

    THANKS for the video and sharing. It was informative.

    Dang! Didn’t know there were so many critique experts out there. Sure is
    easy to critique then it is to produce. This is YouTube, he spent his time
    to share, the value is there. Be positive or give constructive criticism
    in open, critique negatively in private. 

  15. Bobby Mathiwathanan says:

    This gentleman is a genius, well presented. The model is such an awesome

  16. Rainer L says:

    Agree! Thank you. I have one question. You explained that you prefer a
    white backdrop. I am unsure what the best method is. I prefer to use a
    natural cloud grey backdrop look. I can achieve this by purchasing a Muslin
    backdrop or use perfect mask.
    I find perfect mask being a pain and time consuming to use in order to
    seperate the more difficult edges from the subject person.
    The green contaminates the subject person too much making it even more
    difficult. Then there is the the issue what the persons may wear on the day.
    What is your take on this or how do you overcome this?
    Thank you

  17. Dana william says:

    What do you do when you have busy babies or toddlers who do not sit still?
    Thank you.

  18. ctpooder says:

    Well I think the video is just fine, I don’t think its out of focus beside
    that’s not the point of the video, so for what your using it for its just
    fine, its free help who gives a crap about the video quality if you are
    learning. Personally you help me out as I didn’t even understand how to
    use the reflector and that wasn’t even the point of the video but I thank
    u for it anyway lol that a bonus for me……..keep them coming my friend
    and thanks again and you all stop hate’n because he didn’t have to

  19. computerjantje says:

    Thankyou for this great educational video. I am a bit worried about the
    speakers health. He is out of breath rather often during this video. I hope
    he just makes breathing-talking mistakes that causes the out of breath.

  20. Marcel Fischer says:

    Thanks for charing!

  21. Mike Montalvo says:

    Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

  22. michael orange says:

    What is Axial lighting in photography

  23. Sachi Kaskel says:

    what reflector and stand is that?

  24. diesel828 says:

    His use of “heigth” is so distracting. It’s not a real word, buddy.

  25. Vernon Jewell says:

    i am learning lighting to improve my photography. i have decided to use
    the on camera flash only because of the danger of seizures for me. how do
    i get the most out of my lights without using tons of flashes?

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