Wading and Shore Birds – Wildlife Nature Photography

Steven W. Ross Nature and Wildlife Photographer http://500px.com/steveross.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Wading and Shore Birds – Wildlife Nature Photography

  1. Helen Spirer says:

    gorgeous photography

  2. PetersonNaturePhoto says:

    Excellent video. I love the incredible detail in so many of your photos.
    I’ve never seen photos of baby spoonbills before.

  3. Patrick Wolenski says:

    Incredible photography

  4. Monaka Delgado says:

    You have a unique way of making your photography alive, together with your
    excellent choice of music this is a pleasure to watch. Warm Thanks to your
    generosity for sharing

  5. Bill Carbaugh says:

    You leave me without words, amazing work. I’m truly impressed

  6. Sandra Fuller says:

    Amazing Photography

  7. Martin Davis says:

    People like you inspired me to get into photography several years ago,
    however I found the National Geographic level of quality to be very elusive
    and not easily obtained. I just hope people understand what you guys go
    thru to get these amazing images. Cheers Martin

  8. Patrick Wolenski says:

    Incredible photography! You are such a great resource for anyone that loves

  9. Thomas Hughes says:

    Very nicely done

  10. dana mann says:

    This was so wonderful to watch I was transfixed. This is by far the best
    video of this type I have ever seen. I’m gonna save this to favorites to
    show friends. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these birds. The details
    that you show in your work is truly brilliant. Two Thumbs Up!

  11. Sandra Lee waites says:

    beautiful so beautiful thanks

  12. Anne Burdette says:

    Absolutely Stunning work. Some people dream of being a movie star or maybe
    a rock star, I dream of being a wildlife photographer.

  13. Teivi Sälik photos says:

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