can you make a living out of photography?

Question by rossirvine2005: can you make a living out of photography?
I understand you need to look at it as a small business. But is there money to feed the family in this field i was thinking of wedding photography.

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  1. Bull de says:

    Not really. Weddings can make you some money, If you can deal with them.

  2. Ansell A says:

    Yes, you can make a living out of photography including wedding and portraits.

    You need to know what you are doing though in both the photography and business side of things.

    It is not a case of looking at it as a small business, IT IS a business and every aspect has to be approached as such.

    If you are just starting out and have limited customers currently then you are looking at a couple of years at a minimum before you even start to make a living let alone a decent one.

    If you currently have a full time job and if you have never done wedding work before you will be better off getting a job assisting an existing pro on weekend jobs for a year or two.
    This will give you the basic grounding in both the photography and business side of things.

    If you don’t want to wait then you have to have enough financial support behind you to last 6 months at least with no income and 2-3 years with minimal income from the business.
    It may not be that bad but you have to plan for the worst case.

    Obviously, it goes without saying that you have a number of years background in photography (even as a keen hobbyist) and you are comfortable with all your equipment and the various technical aspects of photography.
    Also you of course have a portfolio of portraits and wedding pictures to show to potential customers.
    These can be taken in set-up situations if necessary but better if they are shots done “live” as it were.

    P.S. Ignore all those that say NO. It is very possible to make a very good living at photography – even today with recessions and everyone and their granny having a digital camera.
    BUT, you have to be more than competent with a camera – it is a lot more involved than most people realise.

  3. Mere Mortal says:

    I don’t think so.

    In the old days a wedding photographer was a full-time job. With digital there is a lot of competition from people who take the wedding pictures and hand over a CD. Done.

    All the wedding photographers that I have met recently just do it as a sideline to supplement income from their real 9-5 job.

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