Using Camera Lenses : Shutter & Aperture Balance

Balance the shutter with the aperture for a great picture; learn how to use camera lenses for manual and digital cameras in this free video on photography an…

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3 Responses to Using Camera Lenses : Shutter & Aperture Balance

  1. Rmartin38 says:

    depends on the effect you might want based on creativity, shutter speed is
    how you want the image frozen clean or to catch it in motion with a blur.
    Aperture deals with depth of field.

  2. nutritiousacne99 says:

    Cool video. I’m just learning myself, I’ve found a lot of helpful tips at
    thephotographyclinic (.) com

  3. Steadno says:

    Why do you need both an aperture and shutter if they both control the
    intake of light?

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