Sport Photography Tips – Delly Carr

Sport Photography Tips - Delly Carr

Delly Carr has spent the last 22 years as a full time sports photographer. His company, Sportshoot was founded in 1987, and since then he has shot for some o…
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24 Responses to Sport Photography Tips – Delly Carr

  1. Tim Miller says:

    @ewish: the point of two watches is: 1 watch shows home-city time and the
    other watch shows “local-time.”

  2. Jacox says:

    I wish I could afford that lens

  3. pjos111 says:

    Was that a lens or a missile launcher ?

  4. Trading Photos, Video of Live Events says:

    Nice info

  5. ewish says:

    Very nice. What is the point of the two watches?

  6. Nigel Lee says:

    1.25 OMG Look at that lens size. :O AJDBVIWBSRVSIBNVEJSFB V

  7. charlie dipietro says:

    Love his thumb ring and how quickly he raised that lens. Lol. What a god.
    Is that a nose or a cock on his face?

  8. Danny Caramia says:

    Awesome shots, nice quick vid!

  9. GreyJediMaster says:

    Honestly that is a fairly small, light lens when it comes to sports
    photography. It looks like a 300mm 2.8 which is half the price and weight
    of the 400mm which is considered to be the lens for sports. I’m not even
    going to mention 500 or 600 lenses

  10. niiasaau says:

    Thanks for the tips! Love you camera btw!

  11. Hugo Paredes says:

    Insane!!! 🙂

  12. Kevin Santos says:

    oh cmon, just cause you’re sponsored by Nikon doesn’t mean you’re the best
    sports photographer in the world lol.

  13. Chris Agan says:

    Woot! Jamie Langenbrunner with the big hit @1:10

  14. daan stam says:

    u need to use the canon 1dx now 14 FRAMES PER SECOND

  15. serz1885 says:

    ye and somebody saying kit doesnt matter ye right

  16. Mexico911 says:

    is your name really Charlie Brown?

  17. BOVINE97 says:

    I want his job!

  18. keith last says:

    Some quality shots there!

  19. RedBullZERO says:

    3:14…mega action of ducks lol,dont think im being rude,but when i first
    saw him raise the camera up i was pissing myself laughing,i thought he was
    taking the piss out of himself. So sorry Delly,your shots are great
    mate,see you in Melbourne again soon, regards Tim

  20. Brisbane Chemtrails says:

    Delly, you have some awesome pics there, unreal, especially the female
    swimmer. Hope your nose is better lol

  21. charlie dipietro says:

    This asshole is so impressed with himself. What a jerkoff

  22. rhyskallen says:

    @Mexico911 lol police sayin

  23. Bree-Ann Madison says:

    Hello! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My buddy
    Christina made some very incredible pics with their video lessons.

  24. gatrebag loisba says:

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