Urban Photo Shoot – me on an portrait photography urban landscape photo-shoot – with camera settings

Urban Photo Shoot - me on an portrait photography urban landscape photo-shoot - with camera settings

Lots of photographs of me at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/peopleofplatt/sets/72157624572361792/with/5571430503/ ——————————————–…
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25 Responses to Urban Photo Shoot – me on an portrait photography urban landscape photo-shoot – with camera settings

  1. singletrack29349 says:

    I love the shots from this session… the photo at 4:47 is probably my
    favorite…. that look, the different colored garages in the back. 4:57 on
    the stairs… Very nice.

  2. WeeklyImogen says:

    Urban photo-shoot ! :)

  3. Robb Wilson says:

    Was that the sound of Mark shivering in the background? I like how you
    explain the choices you make with outfits, background, setting and poses.
    It does prove that you two aren’t just doing this arbitrarily, that you
    have thought out what you want to achieve. Good video.

  4. barbarybar says:

    Do you ever do monochrome?

  5. Andrew Frost says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong key. I meant depth. It’s interesting to hear from you
    about why the images work as I’ve never really understood images from an
    analysis perspective, I just know I like them 🙂 thank you guys again for
    sharing – really informative and interesting!

  6. Samer Nasser says:

    I really liked the way you explain everything, and I also liked that you
    are very excited to do the video ^_^

    I would recommend you mention the time you took every picture since your
    using sunlight , because I can’t get the same results if I take the photos
    in different times of the day :'(

  7. thelaird1 says:

    I would be very interested to see photographs that you have taken Imogen.
    You really seem to understand what makes a good photograph and the thought
    behind it. Are there any photos that you have taken that I could possibly
    see? Mark is a very good photographer, but I would love to see things
    through your eyes and mind also x

  8. Benny Estrellado says:

    can i ask.. what camera and lens you used???

  9. shb00 says:

    do u use busrt mode when taking the shots on your canon ?

  10. Zeno C says:

    What lightmeter do you use? if so.

  11. sazopro says:

    Love your vids, I’m preparing an Urban photoshoot on Washington DC and your
    work is definitely helpful. Thank you, Imogen.

    P.S.= On an unrelated note, I hate your boyfriend.

  12. victoria scret says:

    You’re beautiful.

  13. damaged2 says:

    I think it’s awesome that the model is going over the photographs! It
    actually affects me- it tells me the model is not just a subject and can
    understand the shots very well.

  14. john mckay says:

    I do not like the black and yellow pole in the photo
    keep up the good work

  15. Christian Heller says:

    Well done my Dear.
    Plenty of cool tips.

  16. abo mheed says:

    What do you think of canon 50mm 1.8 and I love your accent ^_^

  17. Oscar Rodriguez says:

    you are absolutely lovely. incent yet sexy.

  18. Tony Hodson says:

    Given some great ideas for a shoot in urban Newcastle upon Tyne, thank you!

  19. David Last says:

    Hi Imogen! I was just wondering what kind of SLR Mark is using. Is it a
    full frame sensor or one with a crop factor? By the way I love your weekly
    videos! Keep up the good work!

  20. forthefirsttime1 says:

    you sound like a very intelligent model who knows what she’s doing. good
    job :)

  21. Andrew Frost says:

    Your images always have great emotional death in them

  22. thelaird1 says:

    What’s your Instagram? I’d love to see pictures that you have photographed

  23. Muhammad Arif says:

    I love your photo work. Every shot looks perfect. Just one question, How
    much post work is done on your photos? or these are just straight from the
    camera after few contrast and exposure adjustments. Thanks

  24. DHYNES says:

    What 50mm lens do you use? just curious! :)

  25. alejandro opazo says:

    Gooooood video… Greetings… :)

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