Tips on photography?

Question by bb: Tips on photography?
I’m trying to make my photography better and i have many questions.

1. In what situation should i change my shutter speed and what should i change it to? (indoors, outdoors, different lighting)
2. I already know about depth of field, but, what f number should i put to fit with the shutter speed?
3. What are some good composition tips other than the rule of third?
4. Who is your favorite photographer?

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Answer by Ara57
You are asking to learn the entire basics of exposure by getting a paragraph of “tips” from unknown people on line. It doesn’t work that way. To learn the basics of photography, you have to pick up a few books, or take a class, (which will also involve books) and put in lots of brain work and practice. Here are a couple of links that will help you learn a bit about the basics and get you started.:

“Understanding Exposure”, by Bryan Peterson should be in every hobby photographer’s library.

I have several “favorite” photographers: Paul Buchanan, David Meyer, Patrick DiFruscia, Galen Rowell, Ansel Adams (you will find his name on a lot of lists,) and Irving Penn to name a few..

Photography is fun and rewarding, but to become proficient at any level you will have to put in some effort. Best wishes and happy shooting!

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