Tutorial – DSLR SUPER SLOW MOTION 2012 Best Twixtor + Camera settings

a BULLHORN pictures production www.facebook.com/BULLHORNpictures https://twitter.com/BULLHORNpic Tutorial about how to get very smooth slow motion by shootin…
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25 Responses to Tutorial – DSLR SUPER SLOW MOTION 2012 Best Twixtor + Camera settings

  1. shetlandkasie says:

    I have a rendering problem. While rendering it sometimes flashes black. Do
    you know what I can do about that. It’s highly frustrating, and it is for a
    new project I’m working on.

  2. atbakzy says:

    you are the besT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear

  3. happyfoxproductions says:

    I really like your tut thank you adn you type out the instructions thank

  4. BULLHORNpictures says:

    @po1gabboxing you gotta buy it online

  5. ShammiesSTYLE says:

    unlike half the people in the comments i dont have a problem with

  6. TheRebel3000 says:

    Does twister mess up footage quality or does it stay roughly around

  7. WorksProductionFilms says:

    how do u render it till its smooth?

  8. malz213 says:

    Thanks this is really great vid thums up

  9. JussKORE says:

    I tried recording (in roughly the same settings) a ball being hit by a
    tennis racket and too much warping occurred, the only difference between
    mine and yours is that i use Adobe After Effect CS5.5 and there were a few
    different Twixtor Settings like the Inverse w/ Smart blend, Pixel Motion
    and filmed in less shutter speed. Is it because any of those that It warped
    too much or is it another reason? Please reply as I really need to learn to
    use twixtor to its best settings for a video!

  10. hyperactiveSVK says:

    is original video recorded in 30 fps ??? ..because when i record on 60 fps
    its already 2x slower …people saying you need to record in 60 fps …but
    then i have to speed it up if i want normal speed ????

  11. BULLHORNpictures says:

    the highest possible 2000 – 4000

  12. Lillebror9494 says:

    @B3ASTHOOD I have the same problem. If you have a higher ISO the image will
    turn out brighter but the quality is’nt the same.

  13. BULLHORNpictures says:

    @Pointburn great! good luck!

  14. BULLHORNpictures says:

    Check out ScreenFlow 🙂

  15. Stanly Mandlik says:

    and also if in Manual mode keep the Shutter Speed at it’s highest

  16. BULLHORNpictures says:

    720p 60fps millions of colours+ & Animation codec.

  17. BULLHORNpictures says:

    @B3ASTHOOD well you have to shoot in the hard sunlight! have your
    background as blurred as possible to avoid warping, keep your subject at a
    distance while filming so the slow motion looks real smooth. use a 2000 to
    4000 shutter depending upon the amount of light, and take your ISO upto
    3200 also depending upon the light available again

  18. tariq0513 says:

    time remapping enables you to stretch out the layer. if you dont select it,
    your clip will be only as long as the original layer.. hope that helps..

  19. BULLHORNpictures says:

    Canon 550D for this old video

  20. Aaron Beltran says:

    what type of camera did you use??

  21. BULLHORNpictures says:

    @Alx231176 Glad it helped 🙂

  22. BULLHORNpictures says:

    @Pointburn oh, hmmm… make sure you set the key frame, double click on IT,
    and then change the value… Have you not used AE before? its too simple…
    hope you get it!

  23. Christian Roxas says:

    won’t the video be grainy if it’s 3200 iso?

  24. BULLHORNpictures says:

    You have to shoot at 60fps

  25. Jeffrey Brant says:

    Yes a friend of mine is interested in finding a software that allows one to
    create HD tutorials much like you have done here with your Twixtor lesson.
    What program or software did you use to make this video?

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