Travel Portrait Photo Tips – Composition Simple changes that make a huge difference. Here I explain how to…
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  1. Manoj Jayakody says:

    Thank Dear!

  2. Cliff Carlo says:

    Negative space can enhance a photos appeal if your primary subject is kept to the left of the viewfinder (in this case) then use your leading line from bottom left to mid to top right of the shot, like the walkway in this shot. Just a couple of things like this can turn a good shot into a great shot. Hope you don’t mind me saying.

  3. Cliff Carlo says:

    AE+AF lock could have been an idea instead of using the flash. I agree with Glen about the rule of thirds. Caution should also be used when changing your perspective angle as this often makes your primary subject appear much taller as the background shrinks behind and below your primary subject. CONTINUED….

  4. lrazafinjato says:

    basics ! explained so well !

  5. tae makunat says:

    hi sir. do you use on camera flash modifier? im into this kind of photography. do i have to use modifiers accessory? thanks

  6. Chaitanya Bhargava says:

    nice work brent!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Maher Ali says:

    good work brent,
    thank you for the tips, you are a good photographer.

  8. Glenn Eaton says:

    Bribing works for mine too! Might have to up the price though 🙂

  9. Brent Mail says:

    Thanks Glenn. My kids are actually not that patient, I have to bribe them. Brent

  10. Glenn Eaton says:

    Nice work Brent. Wesley’s got a lot more patience than my boys! I am lucky to get one shot of them.

    Excellent tips too. The only mistake I could see at first was that Wesley was in the centre and not in one of the thirds.


  11. Cristian Popescu says:

    very useful information, thank you!

  12. Fabio Apelbaum says:

    so basically you’re using the rule of thirds with a perspective angle?

  13. ashlee2k says:

    nice tips never thought of the head thing 😛

  14. Brent Mail says:

    Glad you like

  15. Krishna Koneru says:

    Nice explanation.

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