D5100 video manual Shutter Speed

At 1:34 I mean 1/500 sorry!! I´m going crazy with this!! Please help! To set AUTO ISO i went to Menu/ Shooting Menu (the one with de camera)/ ISO Sensitivity…
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  1. alex27us says:

    ohh.. thats someting else :).. thx.. and sry for angry coment.. but i was going crazy with this.. not figure it out why the hell i get so noisy clips.. now i see why.. going to test this seting.. cheers mate

  2. alex27us says:

    Ok. maybe i missundertud..

  3. naisdik says:

    Hi!! When I say that I mean the moment when ISO should go down 100; as this is not possible, is shutter speed which changes, which is the point we are looking for.

  4. alex27us says:

    dude you say D5100 drop the ISO below 100… in 2 years using the D5100 i never could drop the ISO under 100.. becouse there is none build in the camera to do that.. grrr..so… how you say about that?

  5. Attila Gál says:

    hy! can you explain this? /watch?v=hFdAhhI-mLU

  6. Attila Gál says:

    make iso test!

  7. Attila Gál says:

    cash or credit?

  8. naisdik says:

    No, Aperture was the same in all the clips.

  9. naisdik says:

    Thanks!! But…where is my million dollar?? xD

  10. Attila Gál says:

    did u change the aperture size?

  11. Attila Gál says:

    1/200 looks the best. if i will stay in the 180degree rule should i set aperture higher and could shutter speed set to 1/60

  12. Attila Gál says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! THIS IS THE MOTHERFUCKER ANSWER AND SOLUTION FOR THAT MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! So yes, shutter speed is take effect on the video, but we can only change it with this little trick. You saved my life.

  13. Attila Gál says:

    so it cant go above 1/50?

  14. premactor says:

    By the way, that was a good tip! Shutter speed goes lower when ISO is maxed out! Thank you!

  15. premactor says:

    I understand :) And i already found the way it works. Everything’s fine… Do make any money making video? Or try to make sketches / films?

  16. naisdik says:

    If you want to film in 1/50, then set that shutter speed. You can see that if there is not much light, naturally shutter speed will stay below that, 1/30, 1/5….But if you look for any other place with more light, as soon as 1/50 should go over, ISO goes down, so when all your parameters fix what you want, just lock that exposure. Excuse my English! I hope you understood what I tried to explain. Be sure to set auto ISO and work on A.

  17. premactor says:

    I don’t understand – even if i set the minimum shutter speed to 1/50 in the menu, before and during shooting i can see it go bellow that mark. How do you REALLY make it 1/50, and what’s the point of that minimum anyway, if the camera simply ignores it?

  18. mazin muhamad says:

    song name please ?^^

  19. maxstudiosalkesero says:

    Great Vid! What’s the song?

  20. Prouisorsapientiae says:

    That’s pretty much how I set my shutter speed! Just remember, if you want a certain shutter speed, and don’t care about depth of field/aperture opening, just use shutter priority instead of aperture priority. Nice test video!

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