Travel photo tip: Sunset Family Pics with Compact Camera How can you create unusual images with a simple point and shoot camera. Here I show you how I photo…
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10 Responses to Travel photo tip: Sunset Family Pics with Compact Camera

  1. Brent Mail says:

    Funny video I made. Point and shoot – dragging the shutter. Check it out.

  2. Brent Mail says:

    Thanks. Brent

  3. richandiben says:

    Great tip, thanks.

  4. Brent Mail says:

    Yeah, more fun and less formal hey? Brent

  5. Brent Mail says:

    Thanks Issaminho. Brent

  6. Issaminho Ohara says:

    you are fantastic! great video.

  7. safeharbor7 . says:

    Thanks for the tip Brent, I will try it out. Thumbs up…

  8. John McQueen says:

    Brent, Thanks for the video. Do you think the photo looks a bit strange
    because the colour temperature of the light from the setting sun and the
    light from the flash is different? For a capturing a family moment perhaps
    it’s not that important, but if you wanted to correct it how would you go
    about it?

  9. jbdavis267 says:

    Really like that lesson Brent, will try it this weekend if the sun will
    cooperate ! Nice pics,great looking family !

  10. dustyslife says:

    Thanks for sharing mate.

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