SHP5 – Aperture pt 2

We’re going back to Aperture to learn about Depth of Field in our photos.

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    you are wonderful!!

  2. Mohamed Haddad says:

    Very nice thank you

  3. Brian Gray says:

    You are a great teacher of this art form. Thanks again

  4. Meshacharming says:

    you think that also works when in video mode

  5. Isaiah muthui says:

    Hehe, i like how you give real life examples to explain a concept. Your
    tutorials are truly awesome :-)

  6. msmusicmaker14 says:

    WOW – You are quite the teacher, Thank you!!

  7. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Thank you Debra!

  8. Debra Marvin says:

    excellent explanation and demo of aperture!

  9. Andrés Guzmán says:

    Hey, its me again. I changed my mind from buying a DSLR,; I now want a good
    point and shoot camera. I saw the cooplix P7700, and I thought that that
    could be a good option. Price and characteristicas are brilliant. Do you
    think that camera is good for a begginer wanting to enter into more complex
    photography? Is it a good option? If not, which cooplix would you suggest?
    Thanks a lot!

  10. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Hi RedlineRossi! Thank you so much! I love teaching, aside from photography
    it’s one of my great passions!

  11. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Boas, Absolutely okay to post that here, and I greatly appreciate the
    offer. I’ll be looking you up on Soundcloud. I haven’t incorporated much
    music into my videos yet, but I’m definitely interested in doing so. Thanks!

  12. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Hi Andrés! Sorry for the long delay! The P7700 would be a very good option,
    all the features and manual control of an SLR in a very nice point and
    shoot package. This would be an excellent choice for a point and shoot that
    will give you plenty of capability for learning photography.

  13. Spyros Heniadis says:

    2 of 2 The other situation is for increasing the depth of field for more
    sharpness throughout the depth of the image. The issue however is that
    shooting at tiny apertures like f22 actually decreases the sharpness of
    your image, even as it increases the depth of field. This is due to
    Diffraction, and I talk about this in a video. I can’t link in the YT
    comments, but the video is called, “Diffraction and How to Get the Sharpest
    Photos From Your Lenses: Tack Sharp Photos pt 2 of 3”

  14. RedlineRossi says:

    Wow! You are an amazing teacher. Thanks

  15. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Thanks vmshino! The fixed aperture doesn’t limit your control, because you
    can always close the aperture to make it smaller and increase depth of
    field. Fixed aperture just means that when you zoom through the range of
    the lens, you have the option of using that maximum aperture (such as
    f2.8). Many of the cheaper lenses don’t offer that, so that when you zoom
    the lens, the aperture becomes effectively smaller, decreasing the amount
    of light you can get.

  16. Boas Jonsson says:

    Thanks man! wise words 🙂 So i got a baby girl 10 days ago… and guess if
    the camera is on 24/7 😀 But i’m bummed about taking colour pictures inside
    since i get a really high red colour peak. Im using the standard lens that
    came with the camera (which i can live with) but now planning on buying my
    first “other” lens. I was thinking Canon EF 35mm F2 too start with. Just
    need to convince the misses that its definitely worth the 250-300 euros. Is
    it? Also im planning to get a good flash for it.

  17. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Hey Boas! I’ll do this in two comments. (1 of 2) f22 would be useful in two
    situations. First to block out light to allow you to set your shutter speed
    to a desired setting. For example, when trying to shoot a slow shutter
    speed during the day to capture flowing water. To get a shutter speed slow
    enough, you’d need to shoot 1/30 or slower depending on the speed of the
    water. During the day, even at ISO100, you’d need a tiny aperture to block
    all the daylight to get to 1/30.

  18. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Thanks! I’ll find you on flickr, and the 35mm is a nice lens, but for baby
    pictures, you might be better off with a lens like a 60mm f2.8 macro. This
    lens will allow you to get very close and very intimate shots of your
    daughter. The 35mm is a great lens, but it’s wider, and doesn’t allow you
    to get super close, so you’ll be getting larger, environmental shots.
    That’s good for mama and the baby type stuff, but a macro will be GREAT for
    intimate photos of the baby girl! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 😀

  19. Boas Jonsson says:

    Roger that milli vanillli chilly willy! Ill go check it out.. I opened a
    flickr account now so I can share my progress.. Only 3 pictures of my
    cooking there at the moment.. but ill keep adding,.. and experimenting.. My
    username is BoasÖrn (yeah thats the letter ö, just copy paste it :D) Thanks
    again! Wonderful tips! And nice to have fundamental understanding of these
    things..! Peace

  20. Spyros Heniadis says:

    You’d use small apertures like f22 for two reasons: 1. If it is VERY bright
    and you need to block out lots of light for the shot. An example might be
    if it’s during the day and the sun is shining and you want to use a slower
    shutter speed. 2. To get greater depth of field so that more objects are in
    focus. However, there is a diminishing return on using the smallest
    apertures for that. I did a video on it called, “Diffraction and how to get
    the sharpest photos from your lenses”

  21. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Hi Bobo! Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video and found it helpful!
    That’s awesome, and I’d love to see some of your photos. Do you have a
    flickr page? Get in touch if you ever have any questions. Thanks!

  22. Boas Jonsson says:

    Well….. i’m now learning the basics here on my holiday. So i’m waiting
    for myself to understand the “nature” of the relationships between the
    SP/AP/ISO… so soon id love to start to get creative.. So no flickr page
    yet 🙂 I do mostly music so this is a whole new level of arts for me. I do
    have one question though.. In which situations would I ever need f22 for
    example? You mentioned it in this video… so erh.. ill check it again
    haha.. Thanks again!

  23. Shin Riv says:

    great videos spyros! one question , does having a fixed aperture lens
    (ex.2.8) limit your control in some way of the depth of field, meaning
    since its a wide aperture the subject would be “isolated” from the
    background most of the time?

  24. Boas Jonsson says:

    oh and hey,.. if you need some music to your videos or projects then let me
    know.. (no money involved of course) I make a lot of different styles of
    songs as a hobby.. jazz/metal/bossanova/pop… you name it.. There are some
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    (hope its ok to post this here) Now for some damn finnish forest picture
    taking! 😉

  25. Boas Jonsson says:

    hey man… ive had this EOS 500d for god knows how long… This morning i
    felt a bit restless and decided to study some photography and I have to say
    that these videos were awesomely helpful and you described the aperture,
    shutter speed dept of field and all like it was as easy as playing with
    yourself… Thanks man! I finally get this! 😉 Gonna go check more of your
    videos! /Bobo

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