Shutter Speed – Capturing the Moment

Shutter speed is a measurement to calculate and display during the time the camera’s shutter remains open. With a lens focusing the subject and appropriate l…

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  1. 4u25out says:

    This is the best explanation of a shutter speed I found on YouTube…Thanks for sharing.

  2. jveneno7 says:

    Hey I just watched your video and is awesome ! New in photography stuff but I’m getting into this because I like it and your video was really helpful …thanks

  3. Suresh Theerthagiri says:

    I like your video but I would like to know the same details for video shooting. I want to know the difference the shutter speed has on videos.

  4. Texas News Report says:


  5. محمد مبارك says:

    great i like it

  6. Lucianopoeta1 says:

    Gracias por participarme de tu aleccionador video. Mi pulgar positivo a tu calidad pedagógica en el tema….

  7. jerseyman9080 says:

    5 Thumb’s up for you. You are seriously awesome.. Subscribing you right now.. Thanks for the great tip and amazing video. Keep making more and more please.

  8. TheDominoJester says:

    Answered a lot of questions.

  9. shawn wytch says:

    good video its always good to hear more then one person to explan this

  10. KrazyStylist says:

    Thank you very helpful tips and demystifying …:)

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