6-Minute Photography: How to take Long Exposure Photos.

A Short tutorial on how to take long exposure photos with the “streaming light” effect. Taking with the Nikon D40.
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25 Responses to 6-Minute Photography: How to take Long Exposure Photos.

  1. Kingofawesom3 says:

    I want to get into long exposure photography. I’ve been looking at DSLR’s, I found a Sony camera, it’s model is the a58. Do you or anyone think that it can do long exposure photography?

  2. Aditya Tipirneni says:

    hey dude how can u do this on canon eos rebel t3 there is no option
    help me…!!!

  3. laura hausle says:

    I really enjoyed this video… you seem to know a lot about the Nikon D 40. I can’t find a really good detailed video that goes over all of the nikon settings features and what they do. Beginners like me need a video with details… In S mode my screen looked different then yours? Can you make a detailed Nikon video explaining details features?

  4. Cryptic0110 says:

    thank you sir

  5. jockkkk says:

    Great video thanks

  6. Cliff Carlo says:

    Can you turn off the annoying background music, it’s not needed..

  7. nassim zoki says:

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  8. Meldon Lobo says:

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  9. b1tTutorials says:

    Dude, i took lsd, want to watch some tutorials but now i want to dance and dont know why? 😀

  10. sunalijsr says:

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  11. FireFleurelle says:

    I am only watching this for a stupid homework.

  12. LASTANGELEIC says:

    thanks really helpful

  13. BARNEY DEE Dynasoar says:

    my pictures come out as white bloomy pictures. help 🙁

  14. c1337h says:

    Ive been wanting to learn how to do these shots, thanks man. Im currently taking a photograghy course and the instructor is over complicating this lesson, but this gives me the same lesson in simplist terms. Gonna go get my d90 and have some fun:)

  15. alibaba302009 says:

    Hello, have you heard of “PhotoSFXart” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you can watch a useful free video showing the best way to make fantastic photos. This helped Matt to create photographs that have a jaw-dropping-effect whenever you look at them. I hope it will work for you also…

  16. Emily Blackwood says:

    thank you! this helped so much since i have a D40!

  17. titancia says:

    You’re my hero. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking for instructions for a while, for a Nikon D40 specifically, and this is exactly what I needed. My sister wants to do light writing with Sparklers for 4th of July and you have taught me just in time. A million thanks!

  18. violettenticles says:

    your music is too loud Dx !
    I couldn’t really hear you ):

  19. frankieskaterdude says:

    is it better to take them in low light environment?

  20. Meldon Lobo says:

    Yes you can. Just set it to “S” mode…

  21. Igor Dumitraskovic says:

    Can I make long exposure photos with Fuji FinePix S2950? I want to buy this one…

  22. TheBeccarose says:

    Wow, I can’t believe some of these comments. I thought your video was very informative. Thank you for taking the time to teach long-exposure technique.

  23. Sam Williams says:

    How can I change this on my D5100, I got the the ISO to 200 but having trouble putting it to 5 seconds

  24. Dean Leong says:

    What I want to know,

    How do people do shots for more than 10 minutes without the picture starting to seem over expose?

    Is it filters?

  25. Meldon Lobo says:

    yup! you can totally do it with the P500!

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