Shooting Aperture and Shutter Priority Imagery

Courtesy of Sarah Cress Photography LLC
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6 Responses to Shooting Aperture and Shutter Priority Imagery

  1. The1970sInfatuate says:

    My film SLR camera is a vintage Minolta XG9 and the internal light meter
    only works in aperture priority mode. It tells you which shutter speed to
    use at various aperture values. There’s no way for it to tell you which
    aperture values to use for shutter priority images. The mode selector knob
    only has aperture priority modes, and the rest are all shutter speeds, so
    it is fully manual.

  2. Derrol Heath says:

    very clear friend thx

  3. Cathy Carter says:

    Extremely helpful. Thanks a bushel!

  4. Chris Dinger says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. rubglez says:

    I have the same camera!! Can you tell me how the iso works on this camera
    thank you much!!

  6. ManicBoii39 says:

    THANKS SO MUCH!! This was very helpful! Thanks ^__^

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