How to take a great picture – Carolina Molinari

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  1. Jennie Raquin lee says:

    Then….what about smart phones,how to take a great pic?

  2. Spencer Cartwright says:

    Nice, quick recap on the three components that are needed to make an

  3. Filip Lepucki says:

    Manual, not auto

  4. Nihilus Fatalis says:

    pure basics 4 everyone.

  5. Kenrick Fischer says:

    Here’s a simple little video for Ted about how aperture, shutter speed and
    ISO can affect a picture. 

  6. Jason ON says:

    This is a fantastic breakdown of the foundation behind the mechanics of
    taking a picture.

    Aperature, ISO and shutter speeds are covered in this video.

  7. Mayank Patel says:

    Simple and easy to understand guide for all the DSLR owners who largely use
    auto mode! #DSLR #Photography 

  8. Jaspreet Singh Lall says:

    +Tanvir Grewal what do you think about this? 

  9. Tao Bi says:

    Good for beginner, like me

  10. Google Science Fair says:

    Understand how cameras interact with lights to learn how to take the
    perfect picture. The video covers settings like aperture, shutter speed,
    exposure, and ISO sensitivity. 

  11. TheFX37 says:

    Where do you think Aperture science labs got its name from??

  12. TheStateOfEarth says:

    this is good, though not really meant for someone experienced with an slr.

  13. Grae Hall says:

    The cause is obvious – the feeling we get from taking a great photograph,
    and from others appreciating it is quite special, a mix of accomplishment,
    a feeling of creativity, and happiness in a gorgeous photograph which we
    think we took. That the camera, and the 3 or 4 incredibly simple settings
    actually took. That cost very little. That had nothing to do with how much
    we spent on our gear. Suck it up. Go to a life drawing class, take 100+
    hours to get the hand control and vision to draw “ok”.

  14. yuqing zhou says:

    what is a noisy picture?

  15. Angelo Tolentino says:

    A little shallow but a nice intro to photography

  16. Animal Liberator says:

    Great video for photographers Thanks

  17. whatdoesstthefoxxsaay says:

    Thanks really really helpful video.

  18. Liam McKenna says:

    cant agree more, i was shocked to find an uncle of mine with a DSLR and
    telling me he NEVER left auto mode, and he had an impressive telephoto lens
    attached to it too, much more expensive than any of mine and i’m university
    educated in photography! Just goes to show its who is behind the gear and
    not the gear itself everyone!

  19. Vincent W says:

    I thuoght it was more about odd numbers. Can’t you use five or seven as

  20. AxelLNo1 says:

    This covered the basics, not even that deep. This is not the key to a great
    picture, but prevents you to do a terrible one maybe. 🙂 Title is

  21. Simalacrum says:

    A ‘noisy’ picture is a photograph with (usually) unwanted effects,
    generally blotchy patches of colour, and ‘grain’. It can also result in the
    loss of details in an image; for example a ‘noisy’ image may lose the
    detail in a shoe-lace, while an ‘un-noisy’ image could pick out the
    stitching in the same shoe-lace easily.

  22. Dantick09 says:

    now where is my photography diploma? 😛

  23. Hunter Rodrigez says:

    what a coincidence

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