Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2: What Camera Gear to Use? Today at we show you exactly what gear you should purchase and or use to get started on your stock photograp…
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22 Responses to Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2: What Camera Gear to Use?

  1. Nile Garner says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’m not familiar with adobe photoshop to do photo manipulation.
    Do you know of any image banks that take raw photos?

  2. Nile Garner says:

    Hello Steve! Thank you for your very informative video. I have a few
    I am a stay at home mom with a Casio EXILIM 14.1 mega pixel 5x digital
    I don’t have the income to purchase the camera that you’re taking about in
    your video. Can I make a start with this sort of camera, and also would I
    be able to actually take stock photos with this camera as well as a camera
    phone? Or am I doomed LOL! Please inform thanks so much!

  3. Rickbischoff Art says:

    wow lots of info !!

  4. Lori Rolfe says:

    This is so nice of you, thanks for the motivation! I’ll check out all your
    vids. This may help me stay home with my kids over summer vacation instead
    of a real job!!!

  5. Sandeep Shawn-Tripathy says:

    Great video, but just like to know what do you think about mirrorless
    cameras? Any good?

  6. Allie Brice says:

    Have you ever considered teaching a course on this very subject over at
    Udemy? I for one need it and it would be SO appreciated. There’s one guy
    over there who charges $97 for his course. I took it and came away with
    less than I’ve gotten from your videos here.

  7. MrChazSurf says:

    I tried to upload to iStock, and got the following error message… Your
    uploaded sample thumbnail must have a maximum width or height of 250
    pixels. Help! I want to make some money with my photographs! I love your

  8. Nathaniel Jones says:

    Great videos, thanks for the help and keep it up 😀

  9. Gamelp Otaku says:

    what about lighting equipment? I’d be very interested what you use and
    started off with!

  10. Allie Brice says:

    One more question. I have a Nikon D3200. Is that acceptable to start out?

  11. ednikkel says:

    Love this man you just recharged me. I didn’t even no about this option and
    I have been shooting for 3 years. Thanks man keep the vids coming.

  12. jcrasta504 says:

    Give thanks for this info! Appreciate it!

  13. Paul Stewart says:

    It’s all good and well getting the right gear, but there’s more to this
    than a simple sign up, take a few pictures and away you go. I have accounts
    on Alamy, Fotolia, Shutterstock, CanStockPhoto and with over a 100 on each,
    it’s very hard to get seen, let alone a sale. Ok 100 isn’t much. However,
    it’s more than just happy snapping anything you see, they tend not to like

  14. Lori Rolfe says:

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  15. Brendano Di Cafrio says:

    What stock video sites do you recommend?.

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