Cheap Off Camera Flash Photography – Neewer / Godox TT520 Speedlite Review

In this video I review the Neewer TT520 Speedlite and also the Godox TT520 Thinklite Speedlite , which are the same flashes. If you’re looking to get into of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to Cheap Off Camera Flash Photography – Neewer / Godox TT520 Speedlite Review

  1. Fight to Fly Photography says:

    I have three Neewer TT520’s that I regularly use with my Canon T3i and love
    them! And they’re VERY durable. I dropped one unit from inside the bomb
    bay of a B-17 straight onto pavement. A few plastic pieces popped off
    (cover for IR sensor) but were easily put back on. Still works great.

  2. Jeff Vallejo says:

    will this work with my canon eos rebel t1i?

  3. Andrew Martin says:

    I bought the Neewer version of this flash for my canon Eos 1100d because
    Amazon claimed it was compatible. When the flash arrived I soon discovered
    that it is not compatible. Have you used it with canon Eos 1100d, and if so
    how? It seems to me to be a waste of money if it is not fit for purpose.
    Please respond so I don’t have to fight with Amazon regarding replacement,
    compensation and advertising standards!

  4. Prav Sivakumaran says:

    And does it work just as well as the canon or nikon ones

  5. Ershad Ashraf says:

    which wireless trigger is compatible with this model?

  6. Prav Sivakumaran says:

    that was really useful thanks i really need a budget flash do you have any
    links for the flashes

  7. Taffy Snaps says:

    I’m glad it was helpful 🙂 If you just look go on Amazon and search ‘Neewer
    TT520’ loads will come up 🙂

  8. Anthony Papa says:

    Thanks for the video! It was great. May I ask what those transmitters are?
    and how they work with off camera flash?

  9. Taffy Snaps says:

    I don’t have a dedicated flash, however I can take a guess at no, it’s not
    as ‘good’. They’re full manual flashes , meaning you have to do all the
    settings, there is no E-TTL , the only communication between camera + flash
    is when it is told to fire. The GN of these flashes is less than the
    branded flashes, however they are powerful still. Recycle time is slower
    than branded. BUT they are 15% of the cost. They’re good for the price!

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