Portrait and Wedding Photography?

Question by wonda g: Portrait and Wedding Photography?
Please help with ideas or suggestions on how to get more business. I’ve done one wedding and quit a bit of portrait photography. I’ve talked to people and handed out business card, hung up fliers, posted ads, and posted pics on photo sites. Please help with any ideas. Thanks.

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Answer by Lyra
We recently posted our intention to marry in England, which means our names and addresses go on a notice board for 2 weeks so that others can view them. It gives people a chance to contest your marriage, in cases of bigamy or incest or whatever.

Anyway, we actually had a couple of businesses contact us this way. They’d obviously seen our names and addresses, and posted us their details. I thought it was a bit cheeky, but I imagine they get a lot of business that way. If you’re not happy doing this, perhaps you could ask your local registry office (courthouse) or church to put up flyers there, or make suggestions for your services.

Another thing I’ve heard is that many wedding services will suggest one another. FOr instance, if the couple hire a car, the car hire company may also suggest cake makers or photographers to that couple. It allows you to get service from each other, and certainly worth looking into.

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  1. Rob Nock says:

    The best way to get more business for ANY professional service is “Word Of Mouth”. That is why many such businesses offer referral incentives. For example: If some one refers another portrait or wedding client to you offer them a discount on a sitting or a “free” framed enlargement from their own wedding or whatever you can provide as an incentive to them. A good idea is to offer something that you are especially good at and that requires you to spend time rather than out of pocket cash. With weddings, a good idea is to offer “upgrades” to premium albums as an incentive. If the client helps you book another wedding give them a nicer album. That is good because, if you deal with a good album manufacturer, there will often be enough mark up on the album that you can still make a profit on that item even if you give a discount.

    Try getting to know local ministers, caterers, etc. and ask them if they have a space where they will allow you to post a business card or brochure about your services. This strategy is based on the idea that you are targeting the specific people likely to want your services. If possible participate in Bridal Shows at local malls or boutiques where many vendors present their services.

    Also, be sure to ask for permission to use copies of your work as promotional material in exchange for a discount on a shoot.

    Finally, read wedding {engagement} announcements in the local papers, in registers at popular wedding sites, etc., then send polite letters with brochures about your services and background.

    HTH Good luck

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