Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 31

See more episodes at On this episode, Bill Fortney starts off with the camera settings he uses to shoot silky smooth water…
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  1. CrazyJokesTV says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of the opening music?

  2. OnlinePhotographyCourses says:

    Thanks for the Brixton Bag review, I have been looking at this and many
    other bags for a while now and it’s great to hear what you think of it.

  3. Kevin van den says:

    Hehe, Zack Arias’ tip… Reminds me a bit of Winogrand.. :)

  4. Andrew Kavanagh says:

    #Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 31 #NAPP

  5. Element Case says:

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    Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 31

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  6. RC Concepcion says:

    *Photography Tips and Tricks EP31*
    I know a new episode should be dropping today, but make sure you check out
    this episode of #Photography tips and tricks. We have +Zack Arias talking
    street portraiture, +Bill Fortney doing some landscape stuff, and I go over
    how we have the +Ona Bags Brixton stocked with stuff! 

  7. Photoshop Artist and Tutor says:

    #Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 31 #NAPP

  8. Michael Hartigan says:

    To bad about the bag. I got a Tenba. Much cooler. By the by, All of your
    tutorials are great. Very informative.

  9. RC Concepcion says:

    No im not- but I get that a LOT. Concepcion being very filipino . I am
    actually half Mexican , half Puerto Rican.

  10. Ray Warren says:

    cool show RC

  11. richie143 says:

    When there is too much light to allow a long exposure or if you want to use
    a lower aperture and use a long exposure etc.

  12. RC Concepcion says:

    Jonesey: Thanks so much for that.. Hey.. being frank – [I] dont know if I
    could swing 500 dollars for a bag. I got one of the Airport Security stuff
    and almost had to sleep in the garage for that. The folks at ONA were nice
    enough to send that bag.. which we reviewed, and we told the people who
    were winning that we were passing to -them-. So, while I loved it.. its
    going to sit in someone elses home. Unfortunately. lol

  13. Abujalma M Noh says:

    all the vids will not be possible without the ads. Can always click to
    forward. No big a deal actually.

  14. Neil Franklin says:

    Yeah great tip at 2:45 unless you want to use the flash ????

  15. sanjserif121 says:

    How do I set my canon 650D on timer for longer exp?

  16. Lisa Mirante says:

    RC – Check out the Smarter Stand for iPad – Nothing to carry. I got one
    when it was on Kickstarter; I’m not affiliated with them at all. Their
    website is smarterflo.

  17. RC Concepcion says:

    It is a beautiful bag for those who can get it. I would love to be one of
    those people who -can- get it.. but until then, i’ll just enjoy being able
    to tell people about it. 🙂

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