Photography Tips from the Road – Event Photography While I was on the road with Matisyahu I decided to make a video right before soundcheck giving some tips from the road. We …

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25 Responses to Photography Tips from the Road – Event Photography

  1. Jack Wang says:

    blah blah blah… I thought you’re gonna talk about the techniques how to shoot in low light. But nothing. Disappointed.

  2. JustinOval says:

    Is that Lou Ferrigno?

  3. Trey Queen says:

    I LIVE HERE! I’m at the Norva all the time!

  4. Delirium Trigger says:

    @eireannsg yes and that’s why Jared got the shot of a lifetime of Matisyahu

  5. eireannsg says:

    Looking at that horrible dark place makes my choice easy not to go there. Nothing enjoyable there. Taking spider pictures is much more enjoyable than that when I look at that dark dungeon.

  6. Delirium Trigger says:

    then stay where you are and ill enjoy my norva….

  7. eireannsg says:

    What a horrible all dark place. Surely no place for any reasonable person to hang out.

  8. CAJUNNSC says:

    It is great when you get the cooperation of the crew and venue as well. So for those thinking of it, ask questions ahead of time, it may save you a lot of head aches and produce something special in the end.

  9. Don Paradox says:

    It’s LMFAO looks like jared!

  10. semifullyauto says:

    I shoot RAW & JPEG at the same time..biatches

  11. JonnieGarrecht says:

    It sounds like he is saying norfuck

  12. Luis Vidales says:

    I think it would be more appropriate to say that LMFAO looks like Jared… haha!!!

  13. mrodr008 says:

    need a new shirt “IT IS WHAT IT IS”

  14. Kittiwut Suantan says:

    I Shoot Film

  15. Nron13 says:

    Looks like a small version of Roseland Ballroom.

  16. B. Jack says:


  17. Mason Galbraith says:


  18. FromAngelsAbove says:

    jared: hey do you know what size the banner is?
    random guy: um yeh, massive
    jared: massive, thankyou

  19. jai554 says:

    you should say “everyday im shufflelin” on your video intro…..

  20. RaltsWooper says:

    Are you Matis like official photographer o.o

  21. vnitto says:

    Are you gonna give us photo tips today?

  22. Mariano Argañaraz says:

    WTF? come on, don’t make the tiltes looks like theres would be some tips… this is just an introduction!

  23. RECProductionsTv says:

    Jesus! Calm down, i was just saying. Dont get your panties in a wad over youtube comments you british bastard!

  24. thebluecollargeek says:

    Jared, My daughter is 2 and we can’t get her to stop saying “See ya!” so could you please come do some family portraits of us soon! LOL… Nah, really that would be awesome though!

  25. 0V3CHKiN says:

    Jared, you could have visited our photo lab!

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