4 Tools for Taking Great Photos

4 Tools for Taking Great Photos
Digital cameras introduced a trend towards more megapixels — for awhile it seemed the limits would just keep rising. But how many you really need continues to be a popular topic. For amateurs who might print a photo at 8×10 inches, six megapixels is …
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5 cameras that say it's never too early to get your kids started on photography
The saying goes, the best time to learn something is when you're a kid. Whether it's memorizing a new language, a ride on a bicycle, or a swim in the pool, children are able to pick up on things faster than most adults can. The same could be said about …
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Harrington College of Design Photography Class Sends First Toy Camera to the
CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– What began as a challenge for students at Harrington College of Design in Chicago resulted in the first ever photograph of the earth from the stratosphere — 95,000 feet above the planet's surface — using a toy Holga film …
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