Photography Tips: Capturing Wildlife in Contrasting Light

Doug Gardner and Don Wouri head to Francis Beidler Forest in South Carolina to capture some photos of the eclectic wildlife and discuss some professional tec…

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9 Responses to Photography Tips: Capturing Wildlife in Contrasting Light

  1. Ricky Jones says:

    Nice work guys, I love using my Better Beamer

  2. Mouhamad Bzou says:

    what’s that flash diffuser in front of the flashes ?

  3. Pallemandification says:

    It’s really poor quality! Nice content though…

  4. 89backbone says:

    hey, why there is no 1080p quality??

  5. Prefeller says:

    because this is non commercial chanel. wana 1080, pay for it. it”s
    disappoints me. (SFME-sorry for my english)

  6. amazinggadgets says:

    Please record better quality video next time. Also please give us more
    information on what you are using for the shots. What flash bracket are you
    using? Lens? Focal lengths?

  7. Jesse Melendez says:

    Quality of the video is not great.

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