Photography Tips and Tricks: Setting Banks in Your Camera

Watch more episodes at RC shows how to set custom banks in a Nikon camera. He also gives some insight on shooting with the…

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5 Responses to Photography Tips and Tricks: Setting Banks in Your Camera

  1. John Young says:

    interesting useful info…. thanks

  2. Gordo Simmins says:

    Wish my Canon 60D had banks. The custom functions are pretty limited

  3. edshotsdotcodotuk says:

    Panasonic and Olympus cameras have had touchscreen quick menus for a while

    Any photographers (and I know a few) saying that an articulated screen is a
    gimmick hasn’t thought of the possible angles it opens up. An added bonus
    is that the screen is protected too.

    Glad Canon have innovated with the 70D as they’ve kinda sat back since the
    7D (2009) and 5D mkII (2008). Any innovation from any company moves the
    competition along and the consumer benefits whatever their chosen brand or

  4. TheJeremieProject says:

    Do you got one for canon user.

  5. Oxizee says:

    Nikon only? -.-

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