Aperture 3 External HDD?

Question by Random Person: Aperture 3 External HDD?
my ssd is almost full. can i somehow use my Promise Pegasus R6 (brand New) with aperture 3 and still keep some of my RAW .NEF files on my mac? and help would be nice, especially since i spent $ 2400 on it

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Answer by Snorlax
Emm, I’m not really an Aperture user. I have spent several weeks working with the program as I had no choice (I couldn’t afford Lightroom at the time and the mac I was using already had Aperture installed). I thought I may at least offer my help since no one else has made an effort yet.

You could export your current library and move that to your RAID setup, deleting it from your mac drive. Then start a new library to work from with your more up-to-date files. You can always re-open the old library if you need to access things in it.
From my experience, it’s more efficient and safer to run smaller libraries than one big one. I experienced a lot of crashes on my machine when I was running one huge Aperture library (easily 750GB – 1TB of RAW files).

Unless someone else who is proficient in Aperture knows a better solution that’s all I can offer I’m afraid, sorry.

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