Photography schools in California?

Question by lisagoesbang: Photography schools in California?
What are some good photography schools(or places with photography) in the Northern California area? Feel free to mention schools all over California, but I prefer Northern.

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Answer by Joe M.
It depends on what type of photography you want to study–and, as important, what you’re budget is.

The Journalism Departments at both San Francisco State and San Jose State have good Photojournalism Departments.

For the sake of full-disclosure I have to confess that I’m a graduate of San Francisco State University’s “mad monk” PJ school, and that we are always in a friendly arch-rivalry with San Jose State’s PJ department.

I can’t speak for other photography programs… I know that the Academy of the Art “University” has their own photography program.

Near So. Cal is the Brooks Institute ( ) and they have a really good photography program.

Doing a Yahoo! search using the keywords “Photography Schools in Northern California” produced the following hit, and the link looks worthy of closer inspection:

Hope this was of some help, and good luck!

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  1. Kevin K says:

    In Southern California, the best Community College for photography is Cypress. It’s sort of nice, cheaper classes than a 4 year, and their photo department is really well done. Cypress has photo and theatre. Fullerton has computer science, fashion and journalism. Look at the CC in your area, usually there is one in an area that specializes in photography.

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